Petition Gov. Corbett to Stop Assault on Healthcare

Tell Corbett: Don’t give away my health to business!

Governor Corbett allowed the adultBasic health insurance program 41,000 Pennsylvanians relied on to die, claiming that the state was just ‘too broke.’ He ignored the record-breaking profits of the non-profit Blue Cross/Blue Shield companies that had been required to contribute due to their tax-exempt status.  Highmark, for example, announced they’ll be shelling out bonuses thanks to the record-breaking year.

And it probably doesn’t hurt that these companies are acquiring even more clients now that adultBasic ended.  The Governor’s ‘solution’ was to give the Blues a lot of business by having those who had been on adultBasic enroll in a Blues plan known as Special Care.  Special Care costs about 300% more than adultBasic and only covers 4 doctor visits a year!  This was only a ‘solution’ for the Big Blues, not real Pennsylvanians.  If it were, then we wouldn’t be looking at only 21% of people who had been on adultBasic actually enrolling in Special Care.

Even more shocking: Corbett now wants to take over 220 million dollars from the Tobacco Settlement fund-a fund that had been going  to adult health programs, like adultBasic- and put it towards a program called Liberty Loans.  He is taking money away from adult health in Pennsylvania and giving it to businesses.

We know where Corbett’s interests lie.  Join us and stand up to these tactics.

Protect Pennsylvania’s Health!  Sign the petition.

2 thoughts on “Petition Gov. Corbett to Stop Assault on Healthcare”

  1. Obviously the governor is a disciple of Ayn Rand as he has indicated that the well-to-do deserve all that they can achieve and that the undeserving poor, elderly, and disabled can survive by any means at their disposal. Such a philosophy to be revealed at Easter when we should be involved in Christian charity per The Sermon on The Mount and the Beatitudes !
    It is hard to understand what drives the Governor and his Republican ilk to a position totally lacking in charity nor kindness. Why do they despise the lesser among us? Is it purely greed? Is it will to power? Are all of these folks sociopaths? In a civilized society one finds it difficult to understand any rational motivations for their hate for the poor, and yes, for women.

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