8 thoughts on “Cartoon 06/29/13”

  1. Y’all should have a cartoon of the “big dog” Bill Clinton with the little afl-cio toy union dog on a leash celebrating NAFTA with the republicans.

    We ain’t dumb, those fo us that work see the “assembled in Mexico” on products that were formely made here. jobs, jobs , jobs gone south.

      1. Opposed how? Issued a press release? Give me the facts.

        The Democrats under Clinton shoved that garbage(NAFTA) down our throats hand in hand with the Republicans. Fact or not?

        They didn’t care about jobs then , what are they doing to justify your loyalty now?

  2. AJ

    You made a false statement about unions’ support of NAFTA because you are too lazy to look into it, and you appear to believe whatever garbage you are hearing on FOX or goofball radio.

    When I pointed out your error you switched to blaming the Democrats instead of admitting you were wrong about unions’ support of NAFTA. Do you know the difference between unions and political parties??

    Of course it was the Democrats and Republicans who are owned by the corporations, mainly banks, that supported NAFTA. As the article linked below shows, the Congress members who rely on labor voted against NAFTA. If you aren’t afraid of facts paste the link in your browser and read. The article is an academic investigation, by the way, not a political article. Below the link is an abstract which summarizes the findings of the research on NAFTA support.

    I want to know where you heard that unions supported NAFTA, and I want you to tell the truth. Who told you that??


    Political action committees (PACs), especially those controlled by organized labor and business, have been shown to affect Congressional voting. We explore how PACs influenced the House of Representatives’ vote on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The NAFTA vote is analyzed because organized labor strongly opposed the treaty while business generally supported it and because of the straight-forward voting generated by its fast-track status. Probit analysis of a unique, unpublished data set containing information about PAC and non-PAC contributions to the 1992 House election campaigns demonstrates that Representatives who depended largely on labor PACs tended to oppose NAFTA, while Representatives who derived a large proportion of their campaign contributions from business PACs tended to favor its passage.

    1. Randyshannon
      You seem quick to throw negative assumptions. Is this how you approach organizing amoung folks who may have a different take on things?

      The imagery of my first comment was off the mark. It should be that of a hurt lover(labor) being told by the cheat (Clinton,democrats) that he wouldn’t do that

      I ain’t gonna shell out $34 to read a university study.
      From your PDA website:
      “Now that a few Democrats and the remnants of the AFL-CIO are waking up to the destructive impact of jobs offshoring on the US economy and millions of American lives, globalism’s advocates have resurrected Dartmouth economist Matthew Slaughter’s discredited finding of several years ago that jobs offshoring by US corporations increases employment and wages in the US.”

      My original comment was not about afl-cio support for nafta but it’s lack of a severe punishment to the party that takes us for granted.

      In response to your innuendo. In 1993 when Clinton signed nafta, I was a union member, rank and file. No body told me what to think,fox or goofball radio.
      Been deep in the left done my share of marching. You do not know me well enough to make your negative comments. Seen the arrogance before.
      I carry a grudge, the jobs that have been lost and continue to be pi$$ me off.

      outta here!

      1. AJ,

        I apologize for making assumptions about you based on a couple posts. That was arrogant on my part as you pointed out. We get a lot of anti-union hate mail that we don’t publish. Your email wasn’t anti-union hate but appeared critical, so I wanted to discuss it. Sorry again for not asking the right questions.

        As to your point, which is clearer now, I think you are mostly right. But I do see signs that the union leadership and activists are taking a more critical view of the Democrats. It isn’t reasonable to expect them to dump the Democrats because there’s no real alternative.

        In Arkansas the unions ran a real pro-working class candidate, Bill Halter, against corporate Democrat Blanche Lincoln in the Democratic primary. Halter lost, but it was the kind of campaign that I think you would have supported.

        In our area of Pennsylvania, the AFL-CIO endorsed Cong. Jason Altmire, Blue Dog/closet Republican, but did not work for him. Withholding support was a step toward your position that unions should be more critical of traitor Democrats. Altmire barely won against a Republican newcomer.

        Thank you for your comments. I hope you will continue to share you opinions here and stimulate critical thinking about our situation.

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