Medicare for All Campaign

Statement of Principles:

Healthcare is a Human Right

The Healthcare Problem

· Healthcare is the top concern among Pennsylvania and American voters.

· Insurance costs are escalating while healthcare coverage is shrinking.

· Plant closures and layoffs result in lost insurance coverage

· 45 million Americans and 2.8 million Pennsylvanians are uninsured.

· 43% of Black and 54% of Hispanic Pennsylvanians lack healthcare coverage.

· 77% of uninsured are working Pennsylvanians.

· 18,000 Americans die each year due to no healthcare coverage.

· Businesses continue to curtail coverage for employees and retirees.

· Half of personal bankruptcies are due to illness

The Healthcare Solution MEDICARE for ALL HR 676:

· Medicare is enhanced and expanded to cover every resident of the USA

· Everyone gets the same medical card · All medically necessary services are covered

· No Deductibles or Copays

· Highest quality standard of care

· Patients have free choice of healthcare provider

· Private insurance eliminated

· Funded by 4.75% Medicare tax on employers & employees, efficiency savings, and repeal of tax cuts for wealthy



Beaver County Commissioners Resolution

Albany City Council Resolution

Aliquippa Resolution on HR 676

Ambridge Resolution on HR 676

South Heights Resolution on HR 676

Steelworkers Local Union Resolution

Medicare For All Lobby Campaign Leaflet

3 thoughts on “Medicare for All Campaign”

  1. Many people do not have health insurance because they do not feel they need it. Any one can go to the ER of a hospital and they will get treated insurance or no insurance. Lets get the right Health Care bill passed with no cuts in Medicare or tax increases. Go with the Republican plan.

  2. Bill does not have all the facts or he would change his mind. It is true that if you go to the emergency room , you will get treated. What Bill did not address is who is paying for the care. There is NO FREE LUNCH !Bill is and so is all those who pay. We pay in increased cost and state taxes. Bill also picks up the hospitalization for the wealthiest corporation, Wall Mart. Their bean counters figured if they work their employees a certain number of hours and pay them a certain rate, then the employees can go to the emergency room for primary care. Thereby eliminating the cost of employee health care. The tax payers of the state can pick it up.The Republicans that Bill promotes also promotes Wall Marts exploitation of the taxpayers.Thanks a lot Bill.I hope you change your mind and Party affiliation soon.I hope you agree the fleasing of us taxpayers has got to stop!

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