–About 17th CD PDA (formerly 12th and 4th CD PDA)



PA 12th Congressional District Chapter

(formerly 4th Congressional District Chapter)


 A Grassroots Political Action Committee


“Healthcare is a Human Right”

“A Job is a Human Right”



Statement of Purpose: We are Democrats seeking to lead our party in the movement to preserve and restore the progressive policies of the New Deal and the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement. As progressive Democrats we strive to promote politicians who advocate for the common people and for minimizing the influence of corporate power and wealth in government.


We are committed to build a just and democratic America at peace with the world. We believe our nation’s greatest need is to redirect our resources from war and destruction to building a future that provides for the well-being of every American. Our security as a nation also depends upon a future that conserves and protects the natural environment that is essential to all life.


Tina Shannon

Tina B. Shannon, President

Tina Brooks Shannon grew up in Beaver County and has lived here most of her life. She comes from a family of Beaver County mill workers, river men, and dairy farmers. She attended both Pitt and Antioch Colleges before settling down in New Brighton to operate a family daycare home. She is married to Randy Shannon and has a daughter pursuing a graduate degree at the University of Cologne.

She first became involved in politics at Pitt, through the Campus NOW chapter. She has, at various times, been involved with community improvement projects, worked on peace issues, and served on the New Brighton School Board. She works to support local and national progressive candidates for office. She is presently on the board of Beaver County Peace Links and serves as Chairperson of the PA 12th Congressional District Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America. Tina is a member of the Service Employees International Union – SEIU.

She can be reached at 724 843 0545 or tinabshannon@gmail.com


The PA 12th CD Chapter of PDA is a chapter of Progressive Democrats of America. PDA is a grassroots organization of progressive Democrats working for progressive change inside and outside the Democratic Party. PDA works closely with the Congressional Progressive Caucus in the U.S. Congress. Visit PDA’s website at www.pdamerica.org

The Nation magazine named PDA as “Most Valuable Political Group” for 2008.





3 thoughts on “–About 17th CD PDA (formerly 12th and 4th CD PDA)”

  1. I teach a course in Civic Engagement at Penn State Beaver. I am looking for people willing to come into the classroom to speak on health care, education, energy, and “making ends meet,” and the importance of civic engagement. Do you have any recommendations on any of these topics? Unfortunately, I cannot pay an honorium.
    Thank you,
    JoAnn Chirico
    Senior Instructor in Sociology

    1. Hello JoAnn

      I happened upon your request for speakers…am I a 20 year educator with an enourmous amount of experience in building communty school relations (civic engagement training if you will) If you are still in need of speakers let me know..

      Janet Meyers

  2. i believe that if someone ran against tim murphey of 18th district and his or her main idea was to propose a tax bill which would enable people of a income of $40,000 per year pay zero dollars tax. which would also require that the employer would not withhold any tax dollars on projected income of less then $40,000 per year. my idea is this if the millionaires or billionaires do not care about the national debt , why should the poor and middle class care. of course if it is a married couple then the amount would be $60,000 per year. and families with children would be projected upward. it is obvious that the wealthy people have had a free ride since 1980. why shoud we , the poor, worry about the national debt. i am convinced that if my idea becomes a natioinal idea , that progressive democrates will win elections across the country. let me educate all those about this. that in 1979 ,the natinal debt was less then one trillion dollars. then came reagan and supply side economics. once we progressives get control of the white house and congress , next idea on property of valuation of over one million dollars and up be subject to a federal personal property tax, this is so those foreiners , who have no income here pay tax on what they own. in 2016 tim murphey ran un opposed.

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