Medicare is the Solution – Not the Problem – Hands Off!

Medicare is the Solution – Not the Problem

Republicans want to privatize Medicare and slash Medicaid to reduce the nation’s deficit. President Obama says he wants to preserve Medicare and Medicaid, but his budget proposal looks to those programs to find savings.

We agree that healthcare costs are a serious problem, but cutting Medicare and Medicaid won’t help.

Instead, we need to take the corporate greed and waste out of our healthcare system, and make healthcare a human right by extending Medicare to everyone.

Join us in sending this message to President Obama and your Congresspeople: Medicare is the solution – not the problem. We need improved Medicare for all NOW!

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2 thoughts on “Medicare is the Solution – Not the Problem – Hands Off!”

  1. Amen ! Let us remember that we who are on Social Security and Medicare paid for same during our working days via payroll deductions. To include these programs in reducing the budget deficit is pure and simple fraud—granted that the Bush administration “borrowed” moneys from the Trust Fund to fight undeclared wars and replaced the monies with government bonds. All seniors should speak up, preferably to The White House, as many of our representatives and senators are Neanderthals who represent big business and not the citizen. As to the brain washing that” we do not want to leave these problems to our grandchildren” this is pure hog-wash to frighten the elderly and force them to play ball with the oligarchs who run the main stream news media that deceives the public in the interest of the corporations which have declared class warfare on the working man/woman. We need national single payer health care for all.

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