UMWA Holds Rally for Workers Rights in Waynesburg

Mine workers rally for public employees

Friday, April 01, 2011
The Associated Press

WAYNESBURG, Pa. — Nearly 3,000 union mine workers are rallying on behalf of public employees in other states.

The United Mine Workers of America says around 3,000 members, their families and other supporters from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia at the We Are One Solidarity March and Rally in Waynesburg today.

Marchers plan to walk along state Route 21 and rally at the Greene County Fairgrounds.

It’s the first major labor rally outside the states, including Wisconsin and Ohio, where lawmakers are battling over collective bargaining rights. UMW President Cecil Roberts says it won’t be the last.

But miners have other goals in mind. The UMW is set to begin negotiations on a new nationwide coal contract to replace the one expiring Dec. 31.

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