FDA Testing Food Radioactivity – Republicans Propose Cuts

FDA Testing Food Radioactivity – Republicans Propose Cuts

April 13, 2011

by Randy Shannon

While the Government of Japan and Tokyo Electric Power continue to struggle to control the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, the World’s people grow more and more concerned about the possible impact of radioactive contamination of air, water, and food supplies.

In the USA, our tax dollars pay for an agency, the Food and Drug Administration, that is tasked with monitoring both domestic food supplies and imported food products. After a series of fatalities in the US from domestic food contaminated with salmonella or e-coli bacteria, the public demanded more active monitoring by the FDA.

Now that radioactivity is falling on the US with the rain to be taken up by vegetation and ingested by livestock, and now that food imports may be contaminated, the public needs the FDA to become more vigilant.

Nevertheless, the Republican budget, supported by our Blue Dog Congressman Jason Altmire, proposes to cut funding for the FDA. This will help reduce the deficit. This deficit was caused, not by the FDA, but by handouts to wealthy individuals and banks.

Reproduced below are two articles. The first discusses the FDA budget. The second is an FDA announcement about its efforts to protect the food supply from radioactive contamination.

Do you want the FDA’s ability to protect you and your family from radioactivity and bacteria in your food cut? PA 4th CD Cong. Jason Altmire wants your food safety cut to help out the banks that own him. Will you stand by while your children’s safety is compromised for the greed of a few?

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