3 thoughts on “For Those in Denial: ‘Fraccidents’ Map with Details”

  1. Please note my ongoing articles on The Rag Blog. We have generated considerable interest with the one published on April 14.

    In the long run I can see a conjunction of health care nation-wise and the continued uncontrolled acceleration of gas drilling.

  2. There is so many areas to go with this. The laws in place say we will be protected from poison water, air free of pollutants that cause disease, and soil that will not poison our food.We as a careing society have to quit finding it acceptable to use our children and elderly as meters to report pollution. We use health reports to start taking action. What ever happened to mechanical meters? We have to enact an independent EPA and DEP. Politics has polluted the creditability of these agencies that we pay for and trust. In 2005 , a corrupted EPA knew of the dangers of the chemicals in the fracking fluids, yet outlawed the science dept of epa from investigating the poisons.They blocked future study.In Pennsylvania, the governor appointed a coal owner to head up the DEP. A rule was sent out to the enforcement arm, that they are to have all tickets written on the drillers to be cleared by his office. This interference in enforcement areas is obstruction of justice. Those two comments base my opinion.All politicians say at election time they will clean up Harrisburg and Washington DC, yet forget their promise and go along with the same process. When will the major parties give us credible candidates?

  3. I heard an interesting interview once, can’t remember by whom. The interviewee was postulating that Europe has better pollution laws because the governments have more of a vested interest in their citizens’ health because of the national health care systems.

    Same interviewee talked about the difficulty in tracing epidemiology without national healthcare, making the effects of pollution harder to establish.

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