Begin Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation


by Randy Shannon

December 21, 2012


Our move.

The right wing has collapsed.

The fiscal landscape will now be negotiated between the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Corporate Democrats. This will be a defining moment for the progressives in Congress and their base in labor, PDA, and other progressive organizations. If the movement base unites around core demands and the Congressional Progressive Caucus holds firm, our movement will take off. If the CPC wavers and crumbles it will be over for the Progressive Democrats.

Now we must shift from protest to our opening gambit:

  • a green jobs Marshall Plan

  • big cut in military spending

  • carbon tax

  • Wall Street transaction tax

  • expansion of Medicare coverage,

  • cancellation of student debt

  • restructuring of home mortgages.

December 21, 2012 begins the global insurrection against banker occupation!