President Obama! Are You Kidding? No Tax Cuts for the Rich – Sign Here

Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Adam Green, co-founder

Take a deep breath. The Huffington Post and CNN reported this morning that President Obama is ready to cave again to Republicans — this time on the Bush tax cuts he campaigned against in 2008.

As Republicans boast that their #1 priority is to defeat Obama in 2012, we’ve seen nothing but capitulation and talk of “compromise” from the President since Election Day.

It’s time for us to ask: President Obama, ARE YOU KIDDING? Fight the Republicans already!

Sign our petition telling President Obama that Americans want him to fight the Bush tax cuts for millionaires — and that Democrats will keep losing if he keeps caving.

Click here.

I’ll be on MSNBC’s Ed Show tonight at 6:15pm EST — and will announce the progress of our petition. The White House and Democratic leaders will be watching. So please join over 28,000 others and sign now.

Make no mistake, this petition is a rallying cry.

Our days of “trusting” that Democratic leaders have some brilliant plan are over. We saw the results last Tuesday when many Obama voters were not inspired enough to return to the polls.

Progressives need to push Democratic leaders to fight for popular progressive change — and win. Sign the petition telling Obama to fight the Bush tax cuts here — then, pass this to as many progressive friends as you can think of.

Working together, we’ll push and push Democratic leaders until they finally fight for “change we can believe in.”

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

52,000 Students March on London Tory HQ to Protest Education Cuts

Student fees protest: ‘This is just the beginning’

• Tory HQ attacked as demonstration spirals out of control
• 35 arrested and 14 injured in violent clashes at Millbank
• Police admit being caught out by scale of student action

Video of Protest

Tens of thousands of students took to the streets of London in a demonstration that spiralled out of control when a fringe group of protesters hurled missiles at police and occupied the building housing Conservative party headquarters.

Ministers and protesters acknowledged that the demonstration – by far the largest and most dramatic yet in response to the government’s austerity measures – was “just the beginning” of public anger over cuts. Police, meanwhile, were criticised for failing to anticipate the scale of the disorder.

An estimated 52,000 people, according to the National Union of Students, marched through central London to display their anger over government plans to increase tuition fees while cutting state funding for university teaching.

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