Medicare for All Co-sponsors Returned to Congress by Big Margins

Cong. John Conyers, Sponsor of Medicare for All, Re-elected by 76.7%

by Randy Shannon

November 4, 2010

As AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka has said, this election was about jobs. This election was also about health care and the progressive change that was promised but not delivered. The voters punished the corporate Democrats who helped block legislation to help working people, the unemployed, and those without health care.

The Republicans promised jobs. We won’t be satisfied until they deliver. Let’s start with extending unemployment benefits, Child Nutrition programs, and tax cuts for working families, and blocking cuts to social security in the lame duck Congress that starts November 14th.

Of the 88 co-sponsors of HR 676, the Medicare for All bill in the 111th Congress, 81 ran for another term in Congress. One ran for Governor of Hawaii. 79 of the 81 were re-elected to Congress by large margins. The candidate for Governor also won. Hawaii and Vermont now have Governors who support single payer health care.

The Blue Dog Democrats, like Jason Altmire, who worked in committee to water down the healthcare bill and block the public option lost over half of their seats. 28 of 54 Blue Dogs were defeated. 4th CD Congressman Altmire who worked in committee to gut the health care bill and then voted against it was re-elected by a margin of less than 2%.

All of the Democrats who voted against extending unemployment benefits for victims of the recession caused by the criminal bankers were defeated.

Of the 69 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) 66 were re-elected to Congress. Progressive Democrats of America works closely with the Congressional Progressive Caucus on legislation and elections.

Here is the list of co-sponsors of HR 676 Medicare for All and their election returns.

Rep Abercrombie, Neil [HI-1] – Elected Gov. with 58.2% Rep Baca, Joe [CA-43] – 10/7/2009Won with 65.5%
Rep Baldwin, Tammy [WI-2] –Won with 61.7% Rep Becerra, Xavier [CA-31] – Won with 84.1%
Rep Berman, Howard L. [CA-28] – Won 69.7% Rep Bishop, Sanford D., Jr. [GA-2] – Won with 51.4%
Rep Brady, Robert A. [PA-1] – Won—was uncontested Rep Brown, Corrine [FL-3] – Won with 62.7%
Rep Capuano, Michael E. [MA-8] – Won uncontested Rep Christensen, Donna M. [VI] –Re-elected
Rep Chu, Judy [CA-32] – Won with 71.2% Rep Clarke, Yvette D. [NY-11] – Won with 90.3%
Rep Clay, Wm. Lacy [MO-1] – Won with 73.5% Rep Cleaver, Emanuel [MO-5] – Won with 53.1%
Rep Cohen, Steve [TN-9] – Won with 74% Rep Costello, Jerry F. [IL-12] – Won with 59.8%
Rep Cummings, Elijah E. [MD-7] – Won with 75% Rep Davis, Danny K. [IL-7] – Won with 81.4%
Rep Delahunt, William D. [MA-10] – Retired & did not run. Rep Dicks, Norman D. [WA-6] – Won with 57.2%
Rep Doyle, Michael F. [PA-14] – Won with 68.8% Rep Edwards, Donna F. [MD-4] – Won with 83.6%
Rep Ellison, Keith [MN-5] – Won with 67.8% Rep Engel, Eliot L. [NY-17] – Won with 70.7%
Rep Farr, Sam [CA-17] – Won with 66.3% Rep Fattah, Chaka [PA-2] – Won with 89.3%
Rep Filner, Bob [CA-51] – Won with 59.7% Rep Frank, Barney [MA-4] – Won with 53.9%
Rep Fudge, Marcia L. [OH-11] – Won with 82.5% Rep Green, Al [TX-9] – Won with 75.7%
Rep Grijalva, Raul M. [AZ-7] – Won with 48.8% in 4 way race Rep Gutierrez, Luis V. [IL-4] – Won with 77.3%
Rep Hare, Phil [IL-17] – Lost with 43% Rep Hastings, Alcee L. [FL-23] – Won with 79.1%
Rep Hinchey, Maurice D. [NY-22] – Won with 52.4% Rep Hirono, Mazie K. [HI-2] – Won with 72.2%
Rep Holt, Rush D. [NJ-12] – Won with 52.9% Rep Honda, Michael M. [CA-15] – Won with 66.5%
Rep Jackson, Jesse L., Jr. [IL-2] Won with 80.5% Rep Jackson-Lee, Sheila [TX-18] – Won with 70.2%
Rep Johnson, Henry C. “Hank,” Jr. [GA-4] –Won with 74.6% Rep Kaptur, Marcy [OH-9] – Won with 59%
Rep Kennedy, Patrick J. [RI-1] – Did not run. Rep Kildee, Dale E. [MI-5] – Won with 53%
Rep Kilpatrick, Carolyn C. [MI-13] –Lost in primary Rep Kucinich, Dennis J. [OH-10] – Won with 52.8%
Rep Lee, Barbara [CA-9] – Won with 83.4% Rep Lewis, John [GA-5] Won with 73.7%
Rep Loebsack, David [IA-2] – Won with 51% Rep Lofgren, Zoe [CA-16] Won with 67.1%
Rep Lujan, Ben Ray [NM-3] – Won with 56.8% Rep Maloney, Carolyn B. [NY-14] – Won with 74.9%
Rep Markey, Edward J. [MA-7] – Won with 65.9% Rep Massa, Eric J. J. [NY-29] – Massa resigned prior to election
Rep McDermott, Jim [WA-7] – Won with 81.5% Rep McGovern, James P. [MA-3] – Won with 56.5%
Rep Meeks, Gregory W. [NY-6] – Won with 84.9% Rep Miller, George [CA-7] – Won with 67.3%
Rep Moore, Gwen [WI-4] – Won with 69.1% Rep Murtha, John P. [PA-12] – Deceased
Rep Nadler, Jerrold [NY-8] – Won with 75% Rep Napolitano, Grace F. [CA-38] Won with 74%
Rep Norton, Eleanor Holmes [DC] – Re-elected Rep Olver, John W. [MA-1] – Won with 60.1%
Rep Pastor, Ed [AZ-4] – Won with 65.5% Rep Payne, Donald M. [NJ-10] – Won with 85.4%
Rep Pingree, Chellie [ME-1] – Won with 56.8% Rep Polis, Jared [CO-2] – won with 57.3%
Rep Rahall, Nick J., II [WV-3] – Won with 55.1% Rep Roybal-Allard, Lucille [CA-34] Won with 77.4%
Rep Rush, Bobby L. [IL-1] – Won with 80.2% Rep Ryan, Tim [OH-17] – Won with 53.7%
Rep Schakowsky, Janice D. [IL-9] – Won with 66.2% Rep Scott, Robert C. “Bobby” [VA-3] – Won with 70.1%
Rep Serrano, Jose E. [NY-16] – Won with 95.4% Rep Thompson, Bennie G. [MS-2] – Won with 61.8%
Rep Tierney, John F. [MA-6] – Won with 56.9% Rep Tonko, Paul D. [NY-21] – Won with 59.3%
Rep Towns, Edolphus [NY-10] – Won with 91% Rep Velazquez, Nydia M. [NY-12] – Won with 92.9%
Rep Waters, Maxine [CA-35] – Won with 79.4% Rep Watson, Diane E. [CA-33] – Did not run.  The Dem who replaced her won 86.3%
Rep Weiner, Anthony D. [NY-9] Won with 58.5% Rep Welch, Peter [VT] – Won with 64.5%
Rep Wexler, Robert [FL-19] – Resigned, replaced by Dem Rep Woolsey, Lynn C. [ -6] – Won with 65.2%
Rep Yarmuth, John A. [KY-3] – Won with 54.5%
Rep Meek, Kendrick B. [FL-17] – 3/24/2009(withdrawn – 10/21/2009)  Meek withdrew his name from HR 676 and ran for the Senate seat.

John Conyers, Jr. MI-14 and sponsor of HR 676 won re-election with 76.7% of the vote.

Here are the members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and their election returns.

House Members

  1. REHIRED – Hon. Tammy Baldwin (WI-02)
  2. REHIRED – Hon. Xavier Becerra (CA-31)
  3. REHIRED – Hon. Earl Blumenauer (OR-03)
  4. REHIRED – Hon. Robert Brady (PA-01) (Unopposed)
  5. REHIRED – Hon. Corrine Brown (FL-03)
  6. REHIRED – Hon. Michael Capuano (MA-08) (Unopposed)
  7. REHIRED – Hon. André Carson (IN-07)
  8. REHIRED – Hon. Donna Christensen (VI)
  9. REHIRED – Hon. Judy Chu (CA-32)
  10. REHIRED – Hon. Yvette Clarke (NY-11)
  11. REHIRED – Hon. William “Lacy” Clay (MO-01)
  12. REHIRED – Hon. Emanuel Cleaver (MO-05)
  13. REHIRED – Hon. Steve Cohen (TN-09)
  14. REHIRED – Hon. John Conyers (MI-14)
  15. REHIRED – Hon. Elijah Cummings (MD-07)
  16. REHIRED – Hon. Danny Davis (IL-07)
  17. REHIRED – Hon. Peter DeFazio (OR-04)
  18. REHIRED – Hon. Rosa DeLauro (CT-03)
  19. REHIRED – Hon. Sam Farr (CA-17)
  20. REHIRED – Hon. Chaka Fattah (PA-02)
  21. REHIRED – Hon. Bob Filner (CA-51)
  22. REHIRED – Hon. Barney Frank (MA-04)
  23. REHIRED – Hon. Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11)
  24. REHIRED – Hon. Luis Gutierrez (IL-04)
  25. FIRED – Hon. John Hall (NY-19)
  26. FIRED – Hon. Phil Hare (IL-17)
  27. REHIRED – Hon. Alcee Hastings (FL-23)
  28. REHIRED – Hon. Maurice Hinchey (NY-22)
  29. REHIRED – Hon. Michael Honda (CA-15)
  30. REHIRED – Hon. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (IL-02)
  31. REHIRED – Hon. Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30)
  32. REHIRED – Hon. Hank Johnson (GA-04)
  33. REHIRED – Hon. Marcy Kaptur (OH-09)
  34. FIRED – Hon. Carolyn Kilpatrick (MI-13)  (fired in the primary)
  35. REHIRED – Hon. Barbara Lee (CA-09)
  36. REHIRED – Hon. John Lewis (GA-05)
  37. REHIRED – Hon. David Loebsack (IA-02)
  38. REHIRED – Hon. Ben R. Lujan (NM-3)
  39. REHIRED – Hon. Carolyn Maloney (NY-14)
  40. REHIRED – Hon. Ed Markey (MA-07)
  41. REHIRED – Hon. Jim McDermott (WA-07)  (Unopposed)
  42. REHIRED – Hon. James McGovern (MA-03)
  43. REHIRED – Hon. George Miller (CA-07)
  44. REHIRED – Hon. Gwen Moore (WI-04)
  45. REHIRED – Hon. Jim Moran (VA-08)
  46. REHIRED – Hon. Jerrold Nadler (NY-08)
  47. REHIRED – Hon. Eleanor Holmes-Norton (DC)
  48. REHIRED – Hon. John Olver (MA-01)
  49. REHIRED – Hon. Frank Pallone (NJ-06)
  50. REHIRED – Hon. Ed Pastor (AZ-04)
  51. REHIRED – Hon. Donald Payne (NJ-10)
  52. REHIRED – Hon. Chellie Pingree (ME-01)
  53. REHIRED – Hon. Jared Polis (CO-02)
  54. REHIRED – Hon. Charles Rangel (NY-15)
  55. REHIRED – Hon. Laura Richardson (CA-37)
  56. REHIRED – Hon. Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA-34)
  57. REHIRED – Hon. Bobby Rush (IL-01)
  58. REHIRED – Hon. Linda Sánchez (CA-39)
  59. REHIRED – Hon. Jan Schakowsky (IL-09)
  60. REHIRED – Hon. José Serrano (NY-16)
  61. REHIRED – Hon. Louise Slaughter (NY-28)
  62. REHIRED – Hon. Pete Stark (CA-13)
  63. REHIRED – Hon. Bennie Thompson (MS-02)
  64. REHIRED – Hon. John Tierney (MA-06)
  65. REHIRED – Hon. Nydia Velazquez (NY-12)  (Unopposed)
  66. REHIRED – Hon. Maxine Waters (CA-35)
  67. REHIRED – Hon. Mel Watt (NC-12)
  68. REHIRED – Hon. Henry Waxman (CA-30)
  69. REHIRED – Hon. Peter Welch (VT-)

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