4th CD PDA V.P. Bob Schmetzer Reports on Meeting with 15th District Rep. Jim Christiana

Fish Killed by Frack Fluid Discharge into Mon tributary Dunkard Creek

Rep. Jim Christiana Misrepresents the 15th District

by Bob Schmetzer, V.P.

PA 4th CD Chapter, PDA

I met with the PA  15th Legislative District State Representative on Tuesday Sept. 21st in Harrisburg and on Friday Sept. 24th in Monaca. I presented him with information about the effect of Marcellus shale drilling on our area.

I asked if my name was on the PA Homeland Security list. I read that attendees of the Marcellus Shale informational breakfast in Georgetown were listed. I wanted my name removed.  He said he had other names removed in the past. He didn’t say if it was listed or not.

I spoke about the well in Marion Township, Beaver County.  My wife and I went past in the truck and got a mouth full of the burn-off fumes from the stack. The fire raged about 50 feet over to the trees along the field. It took about a half hour for the sandy foul taste and uneasy feeling to clear out of our mouths, throats and lungs.

Rep. Christiana argued that none of the residents complained. He could care less about us, nor showed any compassion. I told him of my concerns about the deadly volatile chemicals that were being used, both in the earth and on top. He said the industry is very careful not to spill any of the frack fluid. “But accidents will happen, so what?” was the attitude.

I asked about the fish kills around the state. He assured me that a fishing group from the Susquehanna River said the fish are fine. I asked the name of the club. He stumbled and floundered and could not come up with a name. Earlier I had spoken to a member of the PA Fish Commission. He told me that the Monongahela River was the best Musky fishing in the USA. Now, they are all dead because of the recent water pollution from disposing partially treated fracking mud into the river.

I asked Rep. Christiana about the Impact Fee on gas drillers. He called it a severance Tax and blamed the Democrats for the budget problems. I said I had spoken to the fish commissioner who told me that their only income is through License fees and Federal Excise tax. That the fish commission is depleting its resources dealing with drilling and problems with water and fish kills. There is no help from the state.

Representative Christiana said that the fish commission doesn’t need to be out there. I suppose if no reports are written, then nothing happened. I told him that I was a life member of Trout Unlimited, and we have been cleaning up Pennsylvania streams for 50 years from the last ecological disaster. He noted that we are still cleaning the streams up.

I then said that I am a life member of the Viet-Nam Veterans and that I would never believe my government again that the chemicals won’t hurt me! This brought him to silence. So I left and he said he didn’t think he had my vote. I smiled.

Now lets go to work to replace him. He misrepresents the 15th legislative district. Any help and all help would be greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “4th CD PDA V.P. Bob Schmetzer Reports on Meeting with 15th District Rep. Jim Christiana”

  1. Jim Christiana needs to be voted out of office. He is only concerned about taking money from the gas/oil companies and is not protecting the residents or the environment.

  2. Misrepresentative Christiana sent me an e-mail saying he never promised to vote for a severance tax. That tells me that all the impact fees that the state has to endure will be born by the taxpayers. This is increased taxes on the people of Pennsylvania. The drillers who brag that they will make trillions of dollars are now crying poor mouth. Jim Christiana is happy to vote for that and carry their message. His attitude towards me at our meeting was smug and arrogant. I believe it is the same about you. Your tax dollars can pick up the tab for the big oil and gas drillers. When your local roads and bridges are destroyed from overweight trucks, you will pay increased local taxes to repair the damage.When and if you loose your water supply, what is plan ” B “? Even if you can get water from a neighboring community, you will have to suffer the consequences of no water.The republican party has taken the most money from the Marcellus drilling industry according to election fileing reports.They want the drillers to be self regulated, and contribute nothing for the impact fees to restore the damages and disruption to your environment. This is just wrong!Water authorities only test water for known problems. They don’t check for all things that is in the water. That cost a lot of money. This unknown is frightening. Dimmock Pa has 40 families with bad water.Why did they have to get sick before the state acted? Why did the farmers loose their cattle in Washington Co? Radioactive isotopes are used and flushed back out into open settling ponds. Migrating birds drop in for a drink. Deer can jump a 4 foot fence.People have a right to take their grievences to their representative. No one can be wrong on every issue.Jim ask me to keep an open mind. I only take advice from people who take their own advice……….

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