Vets Call On Obama To Fire Alan Simpson

Plan to Slash Social Security, Medicare, Veterans Benefits after Election

by Ryan Grim

A major veterans organization called on President Obama to remove Alan Simpson from the deficit commission for questioning why veterans are not “helping us to save the country” by foregoing health care benefits promised in return for their military service.

On Tuesday, Simpson, a former Republican senator from Wyoming and currently the co-chair of a deficit commission looking into spending cuts, decried “the irony that the veterans who saved this country are now, in a way, not helping us to save the country in this fiscal mess.”

Simpson wants to cut the national debt by slashing benefits for veterans., which represents 50,000 veterans and family members, has had enough. The group’s chairman, Jon Soltz, said that veterans had been concerned by comments Simpson made disparaging Social Security, calling it “a milk cow with 310 million tits!” and suggesting that military pay be frozen.

The “final straw,” writes Soltz, was Simpson calling for veterans’ benefits to be cut.

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