Massive March on Washington 10/2/10 for the Change We Were Promised

Renew the Dream on 10/2/10

One Nation Formed to Bring Back the American Dream

from AFL-CIO Blog

Posted By James Parks On August 5, 2010

Working people are frustrated and angered [1] by the inability of lawmakers to stop the massive loss of jobs and decline in living standards, while Republicans—and some Democrats—freely hand over the economy to corporations that are growing richer and more powerful each day.

To help renew the American Dream for everyone, some 170 progressive groups, including the AFL-CIO, NAACP [2], National Council of La Raza [3] and many affiliated unions, have come together in One Nation [4].

One Nation is a multi-racial, civil and human rights movement whose mission is to reorder our nation’s priorities to invest in our nation’s most valuable resource—our people. One Nation is holding an Oct. 2 rally at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. with tens of thousands of activists taking part. They will then return to their neighborhoods, congregations, schools and, especially, voting booths, fired up with new energy to take back the country.

On the same day, the union movement will walk door-to-door in targeted states around the country, mobilizing union members exactly one month before the fall elections.

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Altmire Talks Deficit While Our Bridges Are Crumbling

by Randy Shannon

Treas. PA 4th CD Chapter Progressive Democrats of America

Cong. Jason Altmire loves to get his picture in the paper standing around our locks and dams. It promotes the illusion that he is doing something on the House Transportation committee of which he is a member.

Pittsburgh is the second largest inland port in the United States. But the locks system that feeds this transportation artery is so old that Pittsburgh is losing out to other sites that need efficient transportation. Our lock system is smaller than the rest of the locks onthe Ohio River so they won’t take big tows. The large tows must be broken and moved through the locks in sections. Large windmill blades can’t fit in the locks.

But it isn’t only the decrepit lock system. Our bridges are in serious danger of failing. No doubt Altmire will rush to the next bridge disaster for a photo op and issue a press release about some million dollar bill he’s introduced. But we need a Congressperson who will fight for $billions of infrastructure spending today in Western PA.

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