Altmire Blows Smoke to Hide His Plan to Steal Social Security

Dr. King in Birmingham Jail

Hands Off Social Security

by Randy Shannon
Treasurer, PA 4th CD Chapter, PDA

Cong. Jason Altmire’s office on 2110 McLean St. in Aliquippa has been the site of two vigils demanding HANDS OFF SOCIAL SECURITY. The vigils were sponsored Progressive Democrats and SOAR. The gatherings were the third Wednesday in June and  July. 

The next vigil to protest Altmire’s plan to cut social security will be held on August 18th at noon at his McLean Street office. 

In response to the June vigil Altmire sent a letter to each of us that said he “shared our concern about Social Security.” Of course our concern is Altmire’s plan to vote for the Deficit Commission’s recommendations to steal our social security taxes that are invested in US Treasury bonds. If Altmire is “concerned” with Social Security, we should be worried since  Altmire falsely implies that there is some problem with Social Security . 

There is no problem with Social Security. Social Security is solvent and has a large surplus to support the baby boomers as they retire. 

The Social Security is invested in US Treasury bonds. These bonds are the only debt of the US government that is not owed to the banks or to foreign governments. It is owed to the working people.  It is money created by work that adds value to the economy. So the banks plan to steal this money by raising premiums and raising the retirement age. 

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