Joe Hoeffel Demands Tom Corbett withdraw lawsuit against healthcare reform

Democratic Candidate for Governor Joe Hoeffel

PA-Gov: Hoeffel Blasts Misguided Corbett Anti-Health Suit

Tom Borthwick | March 29, 2010 | 4:10 pm

Below is the text of a Press Release from the Hoeffel campaign on the issue of Corbett.  It sums up a lot of how I feel, and I think a lot of Pennsylvanians feel, about Corbett’s crusade to help insurance companies at the

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Hoeffel today castigated Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett for “acting against the best interests of Pennsylvanians” by joining fellow right-wing attorneys general in a lawsuit against the new federal health care law.

At a press conference in the rotunda of the State Capitol, Hoeffel said that Corbett “is acting in collusion with a bloc of right-wing state attorneys general to advance an extremist agenda.”

Hoeffel went on to say that this is the fourth time Corbett has joined with his fellow conservative attorneys general to oppose legislation that would protect Pennsylvanians.  Passing out a fact sheet detailing his charges, Hoeffel pointed out that on at least three other occasions Corbett has joined with the same 10 AGs to twice oppose protecting the safety of their citizens, protecting consumer rights, and, now, opposing critically needed health care reforms.

Calling the eleven AGs, including Corbett, “Motions Eleven”, Hoeffel said the AG cabal, instead of victimizing bad guys like the George Clooney-led troupe does, is jeopardizing important legislation that would protect Pennsylvania residents.

“Unfortunately, Tom Corbett has gotten swept up in partisan madness and lost sight of what’s best for Pennsylvanians,” Hoeffel said.  “His actions demonstrate he is acting in collusion with a bloc of right-wing state Attorneys General to advance an extremist agenda.”

Hoeffel said there have been multiple issues where Corbett opted to take actions against the best interests of Pennsylvania.

In November, I called upon Tom Corbett to aggressively advocate for laws that protect all of Pennsylvania’s citizens. I urged him to support two bills that would create equal protection for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Pennsylvanians. (He) has been silent on his views regarding civil rights for all Pennsylvanians — and he is still unsupportive of these critical bills to support equality.

“In December, I called upon Tom Corbett to join me in calling for responsible drilling in the Marcellus Shale, enacting regulations to protect our environment, keep our drinking water safe from toxic chemicals, and require the industry to cover the tremendous costs it creates for the state through a severance tax.”  He continues to fail to advocate for these regulations and “has taken strong pro-industry and anti-Pennsylvania” stances, according to Hoeffel.

“Now that the health care legislation is LAW,” said Hoeffel, “Tom Corbett still believes is it right to oppose it by joining in this frivolous lawsuit.  Acting in concert with these same right-wing attorneys general is nothing new for Corbett.  Since the beginning of the new era of right-wing partisan, Tom Corbett has taken action on a national level in collusion with others, taking actions which oppose protecting Pennsylvanians.”

The fact sheet distributed by the Hoeffel campaign showed that:

  • In 2008, Corbett joined attorneys general in supporting another lawsuit, supporting the effort to overturn the rights of citizens of Washington, DC, to protect themselves through enacting sensible gun safety legislation. Of the thirteen Attorneys General who filed the frivolous lawsuit against health care reform, eleven — including Corbett — opposed protecting the safety of citizens in their states.
  • In 2009, twenty-four attorneys general urged Senate and Congressional leaders to create a federal Consumer Financial Protection Agency — an agency directly supporting the core role of state attorneys general. Again, of the thirteen Attorneys General who filed the frivolous lawsuit against health care reform, those same eleven — including Corbett — declined to sign this letter to protect the rights of consumers in their states.
  • And later in 2009, thirty-eight Attorneys General again supported the effort to overturn the rights of citizens to protect themselves through enacting sensible gun safety legislation, this time in Chicago. The bloc of eleven — including Corbett — united in opposition to protecting the safety of their citizens yet again.

“This week, on the heels of filing the lawsuit against our health care reform law in his role as attorney general, Tom Corbett has revealed what this lawsuit is really about — he is using his office as attorney general to advance this right-wing agenda to appeal to his right-wing base in his campaign for governor,” Hoeffel said.  “In a fundraising appeal to his supporters titled “Tom is Protecting Pennsylvania Taxpayers”, Tom Corbett’s campaign is spinning this lawsuit as a states’ rights issue, calling our health care bill “an unconstitutional power grab by the federal government”.

Hoeffel said the “states rights” arguments have been used before – unsuccessfully.

“’States rights’ advocates argued against the federal civil rights legislation of the 1950s and 1960s,” Hoeffel said.  They also argued against the creation of Medicare in the 1960s.  We won a civil war and the civil rights movement to defeat this thinking in the past.  We cannot make these same mistakes again.  And we cannot permit partisan political campaigning to affect public policy.

3 thoughts on “Joe Hoeffel Demands Tom Corbett withdraw lawsuit against healthcare reform”

  1. Tom Corbett has always played a very political hand. He failed to prosecute Bush/Cheney for the crimes they committed .Failed to bring forth evidence in the first Veon trial, ruined a career of Ramalley by submitting no evidence at his trial. Showboated for the press by having Mike Veon and Sean Ramalley handcuffed leaving their cars walking into the JP’s office.They were not a flight risk.Now he attacks the President and congress when they try to correct a national wrong.Where will he get the money to fight his partisan court case? Thats right. TAX ,TAX ,& TAX, then blame the Democrats.Tom, your scam is showing.

  2. Toxic Tom Corbett has to stop political posturing and start working for the PA families.
    It is funny how the Constitution matters when it supports his own agenda. Talk to your neighbors.
    Toxic Tom Corbett is pushing for his own political agenda. He doesn’t seem to protect PA families constitutional rights to clean air and pure water, as he is filing suit against townships in favor of the sludge haulers and agribusiness.

  3. “These citizens have good reason for their fear. According to a statement by the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, the sludge “can contain any number of over 100,000 toxins, pathogens and poisons, such as heavy metals, PCBs, pathogens, carcinogens, pesticides [and] industrial solvents” that can devastate human health and harm the environment. There have, in fact, been numerous illnesses and several deaths in Pennsylvania that have been attributed to exposure to toxic sludge.

    In 2005 the General Assembly passed and Governor Ed Rendell signed the ACRE law that authorizes the state Attorney General to overrule local ordinances affecting farming practices, including the spreading of sewage sludge. Since the passage of the law more than a dozen municipalities with serious concerns about the health and safety of their residents have enacted local ordinances banning the use of sludge on farm fields in their communities.

    If you remember from an earlier post on this blog, “Quid pro quo”, gubernatorial candidate Attorney General Tom Corbett is a former lobbyist for Waste Management, a sludge hauler and contributor to Mr. Corbett’s campaign.”

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