Steelworkers Elaborate on Worker-Ownership Jobs Effort

Photo: Worker-Owner at MCC Coop

The Mondragon Alliance:

The Goal Is to Create Jobs

By Putting People First

By Rob Witherell

United Steel Workers

Keynote Speech at Western Mass.
Jobs with Justice Conference
March 6, 2010
—  An official unemployment rate of 10%
—  A real rate of unemployment and underemployment of 17%
—  Millions of good paying jobs lost, including 2 million manufacturing jobs in the past year alone
—  Stagnating wages
—  Frozen pensions and inadequate 401(k) plans
—  Sky rocketing health insurance costs
—  Millions of people without health insurance
—  Millions of people falling into poverty
—  Millions of people receiving food stamps to feed their families
—  Millions of people homeless and millions more struggling to stay in the homes they have

In the middle of the worst recession we’ve seen in the past 70 years, conservative politicians in Washington, DC are defiantly putting the purity of their ideals before the reality of the painful consequences.  Congress is not a high school debate club.  People need help, not talking points.

Wall Street executives, who were part of creating this crisis, were the first ones with their hands out, asking for help from Main Street taxpayers.  We gave them billions and billions of dollars.  As panic began to recede, they gave some of those billions back rather than have to live with the few strings attached.  These fat cat executives are trying to avoid accountability and transparency, regardless of the cost.  The millions of dollars in bonuses being paid again to executives, while insulting to the rest of us, are less harmful to our economy and our communities than the fact that little has changed in how Wall Street works.  Years of increasing deregulation have left us with a Wild West of finance where anything goes. Continue reading Steelworkers Elaborate on Worker-Ownership Jobs Effort