EPA Will Study Shale Drilling Impact on Water Pollution – Rep. Vitali says suspend permitting now!

4 thoughts on “EPA Will Study Shale Drilling Impact on Water Pollution – Rep. Vitali says suspend permitting now!”

  1. I had interesting encounter with my State Representative within fifteen minutes of completing my visit at the Sierra Club page advocated above. Many interactions but this for now:
    The recently completed job fair at my campus was the second annual fair sponsored by that Representative. One assurance by that Representative was that only one company involved in this very recent job fair was connected to drilling, gas recovery or exploration. That company was only indirectly linked.

  2. Radioactive Marcellus Shale Frac Water

    This result is very likely unanticipated, although it is consistent with things like detecting radon in basements around the state a generation ago. Back in the mid 1980’s there was a good deal of news media coverage of this. I’ll bet even the drilling companies knew or thought about radioactivity in hydro-fracturing water only in their research modes.

    What else might emerge with a little research? We should at least know what we are getting into when drilling into the shale before we do it concertedly. Ultimately that wisdom can only make the resource and its knowledge-based prudent use more valuable.

    Such discovery is why states need depletion taxes to protect against exploitation before potentially significant side effects have been uncovered and considered.

  3. New York Times editorial supporting comprehensive EPA effort to ensure safe hydraulic fracturing.
    Finding Natural Gas, Safely published March 28, 2010

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