“Majority of Americans want a Public Option, yet Lobbyist Altmire is ignoring the wishes of the American People”

upmc-lost“AS I SEE IT”

Opinion, by Stephen F. Kislock III

November 3, 2009

Blue Dog Democrats, New Democrats Coalition! What the Hell happens to the Old Democrats?

This article is based on “New Democrats’ Rx for Health Reform (*)”, with Blue Dog Congressman Altmire as co-chair.

Progressives Democrats have no place at this table, WHY?

The “Party of No”, Blue Dogs and New Democrats are one and the same. How can Blue Dogs and New Democrats, use the term Democrat?

Speaking of “Dogs,”  Blue Dog Congressman Altmire, what of Ian Pearl, who unfortunately was born with Muscular Dystrophy? His New York based Health Insurance Company “Guardia Life Insurance Company”, compiled a “Hit List” of its Costliest Members, those with MD, MS, Brain Injuries and Paralysis. Would Lobbyist Altmire agree with a Guardian executive/EXECUTIONER when he referred to those with the Conditions as “Dogs’ and “Train wrecks” and cancel Their Policies? What a sad commentary on For Profit Health Insurance Companies in the United States. (HP)

Blue Dog Congressman Altmire, for the rest of this article, I will use the term “Lobbyist” in place of Congressman, as I feel this is appropriate, as your Voting record indicates.

Blue dog, Lobbyist Altmire, co-chair New Democrat Coalition and its “New Democrats Rx for Health Reform(*)” Former employers (?) of Lobbyist Altmire are Federation of American Hospitals 1996 to 1998 and University Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) 1998 to 2005. Was it with the blessing of his former (?) employer he/they decided a more friendly vote/voice, was needed for the 4th District?

Polls conducted by a variety of News Organizations show a Vast Majority of Americans, want a Public Option, yet Lobbyist Altmire is ignoring the wishes of the American People. He pretends to represent the People, but Votes with the “Party of No” to kill and I mean kill the Public Option. Is Lobbyist Altmire siding with his former (?) employers to keep the Loot coming in, while Dribbling out needed Health Care?

It is estimated 47,000 AMERICANS will Die in 2009, for lack of Health Insurance!

While this debate rages lets eliminate the Anti-Trust Exemption the Health Care for Profit Business enjoys at the Expense of the People! Any good Republican, will tell you Lobbyist Altmire, it’s Competition that made America great! But you are a Republican at heart! And Not for Competition, right?    

New democrats’ “Rx for Health Reform(*)” “Innovation: harnessing technological, scientific, and medical innovation is the only way we will achieve the promise of 21st Century health care system.” A PT/CT scan in Pittsburgh for my wife (cancer), cost $15,100.00 dollars and $400.00 for each of the three technicians. Cost $16,330.00 dollars for One Test; medical innovation or Bankruptcy? This prohibitive cost, is the reason for the Death of many Americans…….

New Democrats’, Insurance Market Reform (*) to quote “New Democrats support building upon the strengths of the “private health insurance market”, the Reason so many Americans Die each year is because of the private health insurance for Profit business, only want the Healthy.

United Healthcare Golden Rule (HP), “we are unable to provide coverage for Aislin because her height and weight Do Not Meet our company standards.” Aislin Bates Two (2) years old, Denied Health Insurance! You can always tell when a health provider is really concerned about Profits, when it Refuses to Cover a Two Year Old Child. 

Die, Damn it Die! The Blue Dogs/New Democrats will not let the Share Holders; suffer a lower return, because of Sick and Dying Americans!

(HP) Huffington Post
 (*)   http://ndc.crowley.house.gov

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