Speaker Pelosi Relents: There will be a vote on the Weiner Single Payer amendment this Friday

UPMC Cong. Altmire

by Randy Shannon


Phone calls have poured into Nancy Pelosi’s office from across the country after the House Speaker reneged on her commitment to allow a vote on the single payer Weiner amendment to the healthcare bill. This commitment had been made to induce Cong. Weiner to withdraw his amendment in committee. The corporate Democrats had hoped the fanfare and hoopla around the House bill that conceded everything to the insurance companies would propel them to an immediate vote.

The Democrats concessions will give the insurance companies billions of taxpayer dollars to help Americans pay for private insurance they will be forced to buy with no affordable public option. There will be no cap on premiums and the weak public option will cost more than private insurance. These concessions were made at the insistence of Blue Dog Democrats such as Cong. Jason Altmire, who put health insurance profits ahead of sick and dying constituents, and to win the support of insurance panderers like the AARP.

Word from the Physicians for a National Health Program is that the flood of calls has forced Pelosi to allow 20 minutes of debate and a vote on the floor for the Weiner amendment this Friday. This amendment will substitute most of the language of HR 676 for the current bill and establish a Medicare for All system of healthcare.

Please call Cong. Altmire and let him know that you stand with PA AFL-CIO President Bill George when he said: “Altmire will vote right on healthcare, or you don’t come back.” 724-378-0928 and 202-225-2565

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