American Postal Workers Union Makes Single Payer Legislative Priority

Washington, DC.   The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) has adopted
single payer health care as a legislative priority for 2009.

A copy of the APWU’s booklet “Legislative Priorities 2009” has just been
placed on the union’s website.  On page ten of the booklet, under the
heading “Universal Healthcare:  A Basic Human Right,” the APWU states the


The labor movement supports the “single-payer” system under which all
healthcare revenue goes into a single public fund that pays for all
medical services.  A single-payer system would:

*  Guarantee the same coverage for all citizens, regardless of employment
status or wealth;

*  Provide a free choice in the selection of a caregiver;

*  Reduce administrative costs; and,

*  Leave decision-making tasks in the hands of the public.

And, it can be done.  Systems like this have been adopted by all other
industrialized nations.
APWU will support legislation that provides affordable – and adequate –
single-payer healthcare coverage for all.

The full booklet can be found at:

The APWU is the world’s largest postal union, representing more than
330,000 United States Postal Service employees and retirees, and nearly
2,000 private-sector mail workers.  APWU has 1600 state and local unions
and retiree chapters in every state and territory.