A Letter to an AIG Executive


To AIG from “Faith,” a caring daughter

My mother is an 83-year-old single woman suffering from Post Polio Syndrome. She has been waiting for more than one year for payment of the money AIG approved for damage due to a broken pipe that destroyed the first floor of her single family, two-story house in January, 2008. During the past year, AIG has done everything in their power NOT to pay the money due, including subjecting her to a 5+ hour deposition for which she had to hire an attorney. I would like to ask one of the AIG executives who received a $1M+ bonus: would you consider giving my mother a loan while your adjusters and underwriters at AIG continue to delay the payment AIG has already approved? Because right now, she’s living on balance transfers and hand-outs from her children — taxpayers who paid for your bonus. After spending a lifetime at work so that she could afford to pay her homeowner’s insurance premium each month, on time, every year for the last 49 years, do you think you could do her this one little favor?

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