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Once Again, Aliquippa Workers Hit the Streets to Demand Their Pay


Photo:  CMC workers gather for vigil and march

Bridge Finance
Dragging Feet on
Final Payment to
Hospital Workers

By Carl Davidson
Beaver County Blue

Why is a major Chicago financial group with millions once again behaving like a low-life deadbeat, needing to be dunned for payment by the hospital workers it owes, and who have very little?

That’s the question that sent Aliquippa’s former employees of the Commonwealth Medical Center back to the shutdown hospital Feb 16 for a candlelight vigil and nighttime march through neighborhood streets. About 50 nurses and staff, fired last December, braved freezing weather to demand, once again, their full back wages. About two weeks earlier, after a brief sit-in in the facility, they got about half their money, with the other half promised within weeks. The promise proved empty, if not deceitful. Continue reading Once Again, Aliquippa Workers Hit the Streets to Demand Their Pay

First Victory for Aliquippa Hospital Workers!


Photo: Protest at CMC in Aliquippa During Sit-In

Bridge Finance
Backs Down,
Agree To Pay

SEIU Press Release
Jan 27, 2008

In a victory for laid-off employees of Commonwealth Medical Center (formerly Aliquippa Hospital) who have been fighting for unpaid wages, the Medical Center and its chief lender, Bridge Finance Group, agreed to pay part of the wages owed immediately and to work toward full payment within three weeks.

The agreement reached on Tuesday provides that the former employees will receive a portion of the wages owed by 12:00 Noon on Wednesday, January 28, with a commitment to ensuring full compensation in the next few weeks.

“This is a tremendous first step, and we are going to keep fighting to make sure everyone is paid in full for our work on behalf of patients and our community,” said Kathie Marino, RN and former Commonwealth employee. “Amidst this economic crisis, working people need to stick together so our voices are heard.”
Continue reading First Victory for Aliquippa Hospital Workers!

Aliquippa Labor Battle Heats Up:


Photo: Hospital workers demanding justice

SEIU Workers Stage Sit-In
to Demand Justice, Unpaid Wages

By Carl Davidson
Beaver County Blue

Aliquippa, PA, January 26, 2009–Seven labor activists—four Registered Nurses, a union secretary and two priests—staged an occupation of the medical library in the Commonwealth Medical Center in Aliquippa, PA to demand backpay for employees who lost their jobs when the hospital closed in December. After several hours, the seven were escorted off the property by officers arriving in six police cars. Continue reading Aliquippa Labor Battle Heats Up: