There is No Recovery

There is No Recovery

by Randy Shannon, Progressive Democrats of America Economic & Social Justice Team

Data from St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank
Data from St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank


The velocity of money is the number of times a dollar changes hands in a certain period of time. The blue line falling on the right side means money is hardly moving. Production, earnings, and spending are depressed.  

Folks, there is no recovery. Capitalism has failed. When it fails, the 1% panic and start militarizing the police, rigging elections, starting wars, and creating a surveillance state.

The red line shows that creation of money is at an all time high, and the rate of money creation is accelerating even now. The purple line shows that all this money is going to bank deposits of the 1%.

So the bankers policy of printing money and increasing their own wealth at our expense has not resulted in a recovery.

This is no recovery. This is another financial bubble, protected by systemic corruption, a lying corporate media, and an obstructionist Republican Congress owned by the 1%.

This is not stimulus. This is a fraud whose victims are the great majority – we who must work for a living, pay taxes, or deal with homelessness, hunger, depression, and violence.

This is not fate. Different economic systems benefit different classes. Figure out which class you belong to and make a choice. There’s a popular saying: “Those who show up decide.”

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