PDA Saturday Breakfast on New Trade Agreement – the TPP

You are invited to a

…with food for thought…

9:00am – Saturday June 15th
Penn Bistro

615 Penn Ave.
New Brighton

Full buffet breakfast
Hear about a new corporate trade agreement and discuss what we can do. What is Fast Track legislation and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), aka “NAFTA on Steroids?” The TPP will override ‘Buy American’ as well as labor, environmental, safety, financial, drug, and agricultural US laws. Congressman Alan Grayson calls the TPP “Trade Treachery.”

Speaker: Mr. Don Siegel, IBEW 3rd District Int’l V.P.
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

RSVP Tina Shannon: 724-843-0545, tinabshannon@gmail.com

PA 12th CD Chapter, Progressive Democrats of America

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