Central Labor Councils Pass “Resolution for Action in Defense of Social Security and Medicare”

Medicare_for_allCentral Labor Councils to AFL-CIO:

Act to Expand Social Security Financing & Pass Improved Medicare for All

Four central labor councils have passed an identical resolution calling
upon the September AFL-CIO convention to organize an offensive campaign
for expanding Social Security financing and passing improved “Medicare For
All” legislation.

The resolution, which was initiated by the Troy Area Labor Council, has
also been passed by the Greater Louisville Central Labor Council, the
Greater Green Bay Central Labor Council and the Capital District Area
Labor Federation in Albany, NY.

The resolution calls upon the AFL-CIO to organize a Solidarity Day march
on Washington and on the West Coast “to demand an expansion of Medicare to
cover everyone and to defend Social Security by removing the cap on income
and tax all income in a similar fashion.”

The resolution calls for taxing all income for the purpose of Social
Security including dividends, interest, capital gains, and rental income
as well as removing the cap on wages and salaries now set at $113,700.
Currently, those who earn up to $113,700 pay 6.2% in Social Security taxes
on every dollar.  Those who earn over that amount do not pay taxes on
their earnings above that level even if they make millions.  Currently the
income of the wealthy in dividends, interest, capital gains, etc. is not
taxed at all for Social Security.

On Medicare the resolution calls for “implementing a single Payer Medicare
for All system as outlined in HR 676,” Congressman John Conyers’ single
payer legislation which has 42 House co-sponsors.  The legislation would
cover everyone for all medically necessary care without co-pays,
deductibles or premiums.  The removal of the private health insurance
industry would bring costs under control while expanding care.

In Minnesota, the Machinists’ State Retirees’ Council (IAM) is sending the
resolution to all central labor councils in that state.  In Pittsburgh,
the president of a steelworkers local (USW) is submitting it to the
Allegheny County Labor Council.

The AFL-CIO convention opens September 8th in Los Angeles, CA.  Central
Labor Councils, Area Labor Federations, and State AFL-CIO Federations as
well as international unions may submit resolutions. Resolutions can be
sent to Elizabeth Shuler, Sec.-Treas. AFL-CIO, 815 16th St. NW,
Washington, DC 20006.   #30#

The resolutions can be found here:


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Will Pennsylvania Take North Carolina’s Austerity Path?

PA House GOP Budget Will Kill Jobs And Slow Economic Growth

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO

Beaver County Blue via Phillylabor.com

The state legislature will convene on Monday, June 3rd to begin crafting a final 2013-2014 budget. We need to make sure that the state budget supports all working families in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is facing a $500 million deficit. We rank 49th in the nation in job creation, which is reflected by our high unemployment rate. Governor Corbett has cut state funding by $1 billion to our school districts since he took office in 2011, while giving a $1 billion tax break to businesses. In February, Governor Corbett proposed yet another budget that is not in Pennsylvania’s best interest, making even more cuts in education and other areas necessary to keep our great state running. Corbett’s budget continues the phase out of the Capital Stock and Franchise Tax (CSFT), costing taxpayers approximately $365 million a year, and fails to expand Medicaid, which would insure half a million hard-working, low income Pennsylvanians at very little cost to the State.

On Wednesday, May 29, House Republican leaders introduced a 2013-2014 budget that is $100 million less than Governor Corbett’s budget that he proposed in February.

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Arrests Escalate at 6th Week of Protest at NC Legislature

More than 150 arrested at NC legislature during Monday protests

Published: June 3, 2013 Updated 5 hours ago

A demonstrator is arrested for an act of civil disobedience inside the Legislative Building on Monday, June 3, 2013. The sixth in a series of protests led to the arrest of 151 people, the largest mass arrest since the N.C. NAACP began organizing the weekly civil disobedience events in April.

By John Frank — jfrank@newsobserver.com

RALEIGH — Jennifer Ferrell stopped so her husband could take her picture. Then she waved goodbye to her 3-year-old twins and marched into the Legislative Building to get handcuffed.

“I’m excited. I’m not nervous,” the 34-year-old Raleigh resident said as she walked in a line of demonstrators. “I’m passionate. I’m not crazy.”

For weeks now, Ferrell heard about protesters getting arrested at the statehouse to demonstrate against the Republican majority’s legislative agenda. And like many Monday, she felt compelled to add her voice to the chants and her wrists to the handcuffs. “I knew it was time to stop watching and do it myself,” she said.

Authorities arrested 151 people in the rotunda between the legislative chambers during the latest “Moral Monday” protest – the largest mass arrest since the N.C. NAACP began organizing the weekly civil disobedience events in late April.

The number is nearly the equivalent to the arrests at the four prior protests combined and brings the total above 300 this session.

The crowd of spectators also exploded, with hundreds rallying on the mall outside the legislative building, listening to speakers condemn Republican legislative leaders. “That’s extreme,” shouted the Rev. William Barber, the N.C. NAACP president, into a loud speaker as he listed legislation Republicans have approved this year. “That’s immoral, and we must stand up and wake up right here, right now.”

Police estimated the crowd at 1,000 – about five times more than the last protest – but organizers counted 1,600.

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