Alliance for Retired Americans Gives Critz 100% Rating, Altmire 70%

Alliance for Retired Americans Gives Critz 100% Rating, Altmire Receives 70%

Alliance of Retired Americans Pres. Jean Friday presents Rep. Mark Critz with 'Social Security and Medicare Hero' Award in 2011. On left is ARA member Ed Friday.

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The Alliance for Retired Americans has released their 2011 ratings based on 10 different votes.  While the numbers were released for the entire Pennsylvania delegation, it is particularly noteworthy to look at the numbers for Congressmen Jason Altmire and Mark Critz who were gerrymandered into the same district by Republicans.

The numbers matter not just as a means for comparison, but because both candidates have been trying to appeal to the senior citizen vote and each is trying to paint themselves as the stronger advocate for retired pensioners.

Back in March, Altmire released an attack ad stating that “Mark Critz and I agree on many things but there are some big differences between us.  Mark Critz … didn’t vote against the Tea Party budget that would dismantle Medicare and gut Social Security.”

We described that ad as a “Pants on Fire” distortion.

Now, with the results of the ARA ratings, it is even more clear that Critz did not vote against the interests of seniors as Altmire asserts.  In fact, he has received a perfect voting record from the Alliance for Retired Americans for votes cast in 2011 to protect our nation’s seniors whereas Altmire only voted with the ARA 70% of the time.

Critz, a member of the Congressional Task Force on Seniors and a cosponsor of the Seniors Bill of Rights, also holds a 100% lifetime voting record from the seniors organization.  Altmire has an 83% lifetime record.

In fact, the Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans (PARA) last year presented Critz with their Social Security and Medicare Hero Award for his advocacy on behalf of Pennsylvania’s seniors.

“Our seniors have worked hard, and I’m fighting every day in Congress to make sure that the benefits they have earned are there when they need them,” said Critz.  “I’m thrilled to be recognized by the Alliance for Retired Americans with a perfect voting record, and I promise to keep working hard to strengthen and preserve Social Security and Medicare.”

The 2011 scorecard was based on ten House votes, which included a motion to recommit offered by Congressman Critz last March to bar the use of funds to develop or implement a system that would cut Social Security or Medicare benefits, privatize Social Security or establish a Medicare voucher system that limits benefits.

The full scorecard for the PA delegation is available at the link below:

ARA PA Votes

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