Elder Vogel Was “99% Against” Voter Restriction but Votes Yes!

Senator 99% Liar Vogel

When 99% Is Not Enough to Trust a Republican

by Randy Shannon

The Pennsylvania Senate has approved a bill to restrict citizens’ access to the ballot. The bill was originated by a right-wing think tank called the American Legislative Exchange Council. An estimated 22,000 PA voters will not be able to vote under this new law. Republican legislatures in other states are passing the same law in hopes of influencing the outcome of the November election.

In late January concerned community, labor and civil rights leaders met with Sen. Elder Vogel (See story here.) and urged him to oppose the Republican voter ID law. He was told that several thousand elderly, young and poor voters would be disenfranchised by the new law. The new law is unnecessary because there have been no incidents of voter fraud. It is also an extra financial burden on the state and local election bureau’s at a difficult fiscal time.

Sen. Vogel’s aide Joe Weidner was present at the meeting. He stated “I’m against the bill.” When Vogel was asked his position he stated: “I’m 99% against this bill.” Vogel also assured the group that the bill would not come up for a vote this year. He also promised to meet again before deciding on his vote.

The Roll Call on this vote shows that Vogel voted for the bill that he was 99% against. This is instructive to community leaders who choose to believe the words of this Republican legislator. Is Senator Vogel a liar? One can only be 99% sure that he is a liar.

Pennsylvania Senate approves Voter ID

Photo identification could be required to cast a ballot starting in April.

March 07, 2012|By John L. Micek, Call Harrisburg Bureau

HARRISBURG — — Legislation that would require state residents to show photo identification every time they vote has moved a step closer to Gov. Tom Corbett’s desk.

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