Beaver Coalition Rallies for PA Voting Rights against Republican HB 934

January 27, 2012

by Tina Shannon

You might think it depressing to stand in a parking lot in a cold blowing rain on a Saturday afternoon to protest for our voting rights.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Over fifty people, black & white, young and old, stood together outside State Senator Elder Vogel’s office last Saturday at noon. We let him know we don’t like the PA Republican legislators trying to make it harder to vote.

HB 934, which would create obstacles to voting, was rushed through the State House of Representatives. We want to make sure Senator Vogel doesn’t allow the same thing to happen in the State Senate.

Members of the Beaver County Minority Coalition, the Beaver- Lawrence Central Labor Council, the Beaver County Chapter of the NAACP and many local area Unions were present. Local Progressive Democrats turned out in large numbers.

USW International Vice-President Carl Redmond addressed the crowd, after being introduced by Minority Coalition Chair Linwood Alford. He pointed out that the Republican Governor was slashing the budgets for education, child care, community services, environmental protection, worker safety and local governments. Curtailing the right to vote is part of their plan to silence the voice of the working people of our state.

NAACP President Willie Sallis and Beaver County Commissioner Joe Spanik also spoke. The theme of the day was unity in defense of our rights and the gains we’ve made over the years.

Unity was not only in the words spoken, but also in the comradery of the crowd. As we work together to make Beaver County and our country a better more fair society, we are getting to know one another. We are beginning to trust one another and understand each other’s motivations. This is the way forward.

You can get a glimpse of this when you look at the faces in these pictures. It was great to stand in the rain with so many people who are committed to democracy. It gave us all hope for the future.

Help defend our right to vote by calling Senator Vogel next week and ask him to stop the Senate version of HB 934 for coming to a vote.

5 thoughts on “Beaver Coalition Rallies for PA Voting Rights against Republican HB 934”

  1. A letter for local election board members through out the state in opposition to H.B. 934 is being compiled by J. F. Sable and other members of VotePA. Perhaps some of you also are members of that list serve maintained by Marybeth Kuznik of Westmoreland County. It details some of the possible complications that could arise if voter ID were required of voters. Complications for candidate voters, poll watchers, election judges, and the electorate in general. What a mess for all except for the oppressors. I will attempt to post it when it becomes available in final form or else excerpt it if it doesn’t.

  2. If the 99% of the people want to have a voice then they need to Speak Up! Its too late when the tyrants have voted into law a gag to keep you silent. It was said that if you pay the entrance fee ( taxes ) then you get to enter ( vote ). When you always let others make decisions for you, you will always be dissapointed. They will think of themselves first, you second. Its human nature. So get informed and involved. Strength comes in numbers. Also, the Tea Party is training to silence the progressives. This bill looks like it is part of their master plan. Vigilence is the price of freedom.

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