Governor Corbett Where are the Jobs? Please sign petition.

Promises Broken: Where is the focus on jobs?

During the 2010 elections, Tom Corbett and the leaders of the General Assembly told us their number one priority was creating jobs and healing the economy. Since they took office they have ignored those promises.  Instead, they have pursued a highly partisan, radical agenda to turn back the clock on education, healthcare and civil rights.

To date, neither the Senate nor the House has held one hearing on creating new jobs or promoting Pennsylvania’s economy.  So what have they focused on?

  • The first hearing of the new session focused on cutting healthcare for women.
  • SB1 will cut funding to public schools by diverting tax money to parochial and other private schools.  This will mean either raising property taxes and/or cutting local education programs.
  • Governor Corbett plans to sell off the Commonwealth’s assets to the highest corporate bidders.  He plans to start with the Wine and Spirit Shoppes, resulting in the loss of 4,500 good paying jobs.
  • Even before his new term started, Rep. Daryl Metcalfe began his annual campaign to enshrine bigotry in the Pennsylvania Constitution by banning same sex marriage.

This doesn’t look like a focus on jobs to me. It looks like the same old partisan, ideological focus on wedge issues.  That’s why we’ve started a petition asking Gov. Corbett and the Republican leadership in both chambers to fulfill their promises.

We demand that Gov. Corbett and the House and Senate leadership fulfill their commitment to us and focus their attention on jobs and the economy. Sign our petition and add your voice. No more broken promises!

In Solidarity,

Michael Morrill
Keystone Progress

2 thoughts on “Governor Corbett Where are the Jobs? Please sign petition.”

  1. Drugs and prostitution also create jobs, and they are far safer industries than fracking. Protect our health, safety, and property values and not the fracking industry!

  2. Protest Governor Corbett’s marcellus shale advisory committee meeting in Harrisburg. Go to for details.

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