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Tell Cong. Altmire Restore 21% cut to Medicare

Posted by randyshannon on June 14, 2010

Vigil at Cong. Altmire’s office on Wed. June 16th at noon. Hands off Social Security and Medicare.

The Blue Dogs are using the banker created deficit as their excuse to cut critical programs that will keep workers alive and well. Blue Dog Altmire needs to hear from the voters.


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Blue Dogs Out to Maul Medicare and Social Security

Posted by randyshannon on June 14, 2010

Whacking the Old Folks

William Greider | May 20, 2010

In setting up his National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, Barack Obama is again playing coy in public, but his intentions are widely understood among Washington insiders. The president intends to offer Social Security as a sacrificial lamb to entice conservative deficit hawks into a grand bipartisan compromise in which Democrats agree to cut Social Security benefits for future retirees while Republicans accede to significant tax increases to reduce government red ink.

Obama’s commission is the vehicle created to achieve this deal. He ducks questions about his preferences, saying only that “everything has to be on the table.” But White House lieutenants are privately talking up a bargain along those lines. They are telling anxious liberals to trust the president to make only moderate cuts. Better to have Democrats cut Social Security, Obama advisers say, than leave the task to bloodthirsty Republicans.

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