June 16 at Noon: Tell Cong. Altmire “Hands off Social Security and Medicare”

Vigil to save Medicare and Social Security

Wednesday June 16 Noon

Office of Cong. Altmire – 2110 McLean St., Aliquippa, PA

In the months since our first vigil the attacks on progressive values and the principles of democracy, equality, and fairness have escalated dramatically.

Whether the “haves” have been emboldened by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision or this is simply one more step to create an even greater gap between the rich and the rest of us, the machine is moving forward to make significant cuts in Medicare and Social Security to “restore fiscal balance.”

As progressives, we know that the better way toward fiscal stability is to stop spending money on unwinnable, expansionist-driven wars. But in the bubble of Washington, President Obama, Congress—Republicans and Democrats—and the media are expending a lot of energy—and money—on convincing Americans that cutting great, gaping holes into our social safety net will be good for the country.

July 30, 2010, will be the 45th anniversary of Medicare’s being signed into law, but without our action, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security as we know them may not survive that long.

The June theme therefore is “Hands off Medicare and Social Security.” Let’s tell our communities and our representatives that cuts to Medicare and Social Security won’t balance the budget, but ending the wars assuredly will. We’ll see you at the Brown Bag Lunch Vigil at Congressman Altmire’s office.

Tell Congressman Altmire: “Hands off our Social Security and Medicare.” 

Congress Ignores Nation’s Job Crisis

Congress Ignores Nation’s Job Crisis

Rev. Jesse Jackson

Rev. Jesse Jackson

Civil rights activist

Posted: June 8, 2010 09:05 AM

Some 300,000 teachers face layoffs this coming year. Congress hasn’t even had a vote on legislation that would keep them employed. Teenage employment was at record lows last year — when the stimulus bill funded some summer jobs. It is June, the school year is ending, and a $1.4 billion bill to provide 500,000 jobs for the summer hasn’t gotten a vote. More than 24 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed, and the economy barely produced any private-sector jobs last month. And yet, the bill by California Democrat George Miller to put people to work can’t get a vote in the House.

What is Washington thinking? Losing a job is a human calamity. Families buckle under the pressure. Divorce, spousal abuse, child neglect soar. Homelessness increases along with malnutrition. Crime, drug addiction, depression, rising rates of suicide follow. Skilled workers lose their skills. Our society becomes more unequal, and far more brittle, as middle-class families descend into destitution. Our 10 percent unemployment is a national emergency, not an acceptable condition.

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