Pennsylvania Democrats Pass Resolution supporting Universal Healthcare in the State: PA Senate Bill 400 and PA House Bill 1660

Pennsylvania Democrats Unanimously Endorse Single Payer Senate Bill 400 and House Bill 1660

Lancaster – The Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee today unanimously endorsed a resolution calling for passage of single payer healthcare, Senate Bill 400 and House Bill 1660, also known as the “Family and Business Healthcare Security Act.”

Given the healthcare reform deadlock in Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania’s nation-leading status in the battle for state-based “Medicare for All,” is all the more significant.

“Not only does Pennsylvania now have the Democratic Party on board with the Single Payer healthcare for all,” said Healthcare for All PA executive director Chuck Pennacchio, “we also have the promised signature of our governor and the active support of Republican and Democratic leaders in both the State Senate and State House.”

Added Pennacchio, “Pennsylvania is clearly ‘ground zero’ for cost-saving, life-enhancing, job-creating, quality, comprehensive, publicly-funded, privately-delivered, healthcare for all.  Once PA adopts the proven single payer solution, our neighboring states will move rapidly to adopt the same answer, and congress will quickly follow suit.”

Presenting the resolution before the voting body of 301 Democratic State Committee members was Tom Herman, Chair of Berks County.  Seconding the motion were Jon Fox of Lancaster County and James Burn of Allegheny County.  The vote in support of House Bill 1660 and Senate Bill 400 was by unanimous consent.

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