Sestak for Senate: What you don’t know may hurt you

Far-right Millionaire Richard Scaife

by Randy Shannon 

 February 2, 2010

 Federal Election Commission Individual Contributions

 Donor: Richard Mellon Scaife 

 Date: 2007-2009

 Recipients and amounts (partial list):

 Republican Federal Comm. of PA     $35,000 

 Sixty Votes Coalition                        $10,000 

 Club for Growth PAC                         $ 5,000 

 Republican National Committe          $ 5,000 

 John McCain 2008, Inc.                     $ 2,300 

 Friends of Joe Lieberman                  $ 2,100 

 People with Hart, Inc.                        $ 1,500 

 Toomey for Senate Committee          $ 4,800 

 Sestak for Congress                          $ 4,800 

Note: The Sestak for Congress committee is funding Joe Sestak’s Senate Democratic primary campaign. Scaife’s contributions to Sestak occurred in 2009 after Sestak declared for Senate. 

To view Scaife’s political contributions, go to the page linked below and enter Scaife and R in the last and first name boxes. 

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