Tune in Rustbelt Radio Tonight to hear Ed Grystar on Single Payer Health Care

Rustbelt Radio, Pittsburgh’s local independent media outlet, is featuring Ed Grystar and Dr. Mary Pat Donegan on the Monday January 18th show.

The 20-minute feature covers how a single payer system would function, a look at the current healthcare delivery system, and what the bill in Congress will mean for Pennsylvania residents. The show airs Monday, January 18th on WRCT 88.3 FM from 6pm-7pm.

 Rustbelt Radio is broadcast live from WRCT studios every other Monday at 6 PM on 88.3 FM in Pittsburgh, and the program airs again on WRCT every Tuesday morning at 9AM after Democracy NOW!

 We’re also available on the internet, both on WRCT’s live webstream at wrct.org and for download, stream or podcast from our website at radio.indypgh.org.

2 thoughts on “Tune in Rustbelt Radio Tonight to hear Ed Grystar on Single Payer Health Care”

  1. This station is currently at Carnegie Mellon. The last time I checked it was hard to get in central Beaver County and even places nearer Pittsburgh. It might be better to focus on getting streaming audio or downloading. Some public libraries such as the one at CCBC might be capable and as well as being accessible to all library card holding citizens of Beaver County. The CCBC library by the way is committed enough to install more software to pick up a wider array of streaming information. Upon my request at the information technology center or department, more software was installed to widen successfully the library’s capability to get more computer input.

    Peter Deutsch

    1. WRCT An Independent Station of Some Relevance

      I actually picked up Ed Gyrstar’s broadcast
      by the church parking lot on the
      hill top near the Center Township
      water towers. With buildings and other
      projections removed you would look down
      a few dozen feet to the Beaver
      Valley mall intersection of the two
      Brodhead Roads, new and old.
      By moving my car around a few feet
      I was able to squeeze out
      good reception.
      That tactic often improves marginal
      reception greatly.
      (Perhaps I am increasing construction interference
      of radio waves coming in along slightly different
      pathways by moving the few yards or meters that
      correspond to a wavelength at 88.3 MHz. Some day I’d
      like to verify or refute that thought
      in other independent ways.)

      Back to WRCT: It has been broadcasting
      from Carnegie Mellon–
      or earlier — Carnegie Tech for sixty plus years.
      Among other things it broadcasts
      “Democracy Now” 8 am to 9 am all weekdays.
      Who else broadcasts that in the Pittsburgh
      area? The station needs donations and support
      for that program.
      It has several hours of public affairs radio
      each weekday including Free Speech Radio News
      at 5:30 PM.
      “In 1988, we began fighting to maximize our power,
      and after five years of legal debate with competing
      radio broadcasters we finally received permission in
      1994 to increase power to 1750 watts in the North, South,
      and West and 680 watts in the east. In 2008, we even
      got a brand-new transmitter, so WRCT can be heard
      clearly 15 miles from the CMU campus (and even further
      if you’re in the right place). In addition to being
      accessible from every radio dial in the Pittsburgh
      region, we can also be streamed from anywhere in
      the world here online, right here at wrct.org.”

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