Vigil for Peace on Earth at Beaver Courthouse Saturday 12/26 at 1:00pm

Dear Friends,

As the year draws to a close and we enjoy the holidays with family and friends, let us not forget our countrymen overseas, fighting and dying to further the dreams of empire of a wealthy elite. And let us remember the vast deprivation and horrible suffering of so many victims of this ambition.

This Christmas will mark the sixth year that our peace vigil has called upon our country to turn to peaceful coexistence with the other nations of our small planet, to bring our soldiers home, to expend our treasure to lift our people and others out of poverty, fear, and austerity.

Christmas is a special time at the vigil because it is the season of peace.

Please join us this Saturday, the 26th 1:00pm at the Beaver County Courthouse to affirm your commitment to peace on Earth and good will to all. If you can bring your own sign that says “Peace on Earth” please do.

After the vigil there will be a Holiday party with a home made lunch at our home in New Brighton. We look forward to breaking bread with you at this special time.