Bluegrass Central Labor Council Endorses HR 676: US National Health Care Act

Lexington, Kentucky.  At its February meeting the Executive Board of the
Bluegrass Central Labor Council voted to endorse HR 676, single payer
health care legislation introduced by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI).

Council President Barbara Pierce said:  “The Board of the CLC endorsed HR
676, single payer universal health care, because we firmly believe that
it’s the best plan for working families.”

The Bluegrass CLC, which represents workers in nine counties in Central
Kentucky, is the 119th CLC to endorse HR 676.   Six out of eight central
labor councils in Kentucky, in addition to the state AFL-CIO, have
endorsed HR 676.

President Pierce said that the council will send the resolution to
Representative Ben Chandler, who represents the region in the US Congress.