4th C.D. PDA “Change is Coming” Breakfast in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Article

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Obama workers asking, What’s next?
Sunday, December 14, 2008

Now that Sen. Barack Obama is President-elect Obama, what will all the thousands of members of his vast, fabled grass-roots network do with the rest of their lives?

This weekend, at least, they’re partying.

Across the country, Obama volunteers are hosting nearly 5,000 Obama-sanctioned “Change is Coming” house parties — including about a dozen different events in the Pittsburgh region, from Sewickley to Canonsburg to Wilkinsburg — even as Obama transition officials debate how best to harness the momentum created during the campaign.


Locally, Randy Shannon, who heads a chapter of Progressive Democrats for America in New Brighton, Butler County, hosted a breakfast yesterday for about 40 people, including Obama volunteers who support single-payer health care.

“It’s a whole new ballgame now,” said Mr. Shannon, whose group has its own Web site, Beavercountyblue.org, and has been working with the AFL-CIO on single-payer health care during the past few elections.

This time, “we wanted to bring in Obama volunteers to see if we could work together” — even, as he acknowledged, it’s not clear if the Obama administration will support a single-payer approach.

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