“Change comes from the bottom up.” Barack Obama

We Are Responsible for BrRandy Shannon at Peace Rallyinging Change

by Randy Shannon

PA 4th CD Chapter, Progressive Democrats of America


While the media speculates on President-Elect Obama’s cabinet picks, much of the electorate that put him in office is anticipating decisive action from the government to address the nation’s woes. Progressive Democrats need to focus on how to help bring about the change that the Obama campaign promised. Progressive Democrats of America should adopt a program of concrete steps needed in the first hundred days of the Obama administration to lay the basis for an economic recovery.


Now is the time for mass petitions for single payer healthcare, employee free choice, a peaceful foreign policy, rebuilding the infrastructure, and full funding for college education. It’s important to correlate the tactics of mass action to the stance of the ruling political coalition. It is now time, not to call for mass protest, but mass petition of our newly elected government. Not criticism, but appeals.


500,000 people in Washington DC this coming spring break petitioning Congress for single payer healthcare, employee free choice, full funding for college education, and rebuilding, for example, the crumbling locks and dams on the Ohio River will get the nation moving in the right direction.


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Nobel Prize Economist Calls for ‘Medicare for All’ and 5 million New Jobs

http://www.themorningsidepost.com/2007/09/an-open-invitat.htmlJoseph Stiglitz quoted from the New York Times 11/30/08

 ‘There is an emerging consensus among economists that a big – very big – stimulus is needed, at least $600 billion to $1 trillion over two years. Mr. Obama’s announced goal of 2.5 million new jobs by 2011 is too modest. In the next two years, almost four million workers will enter the labor force – or would if there were jobs. Combined with the loss of employment this year, that means we should be striving to create more than five million jobs.’

‘…Americans are rightly afraid of losing their jobs, and with that, their health insurance and their homes. We need to provide health insurance to the unemployed and to the uninsured, and we need to do it quickly, possibly through an expanded and more efficient Medicare.’

Joseph E. Stiglitz, professor of economics at Columbia, chair of the Council of Economic Advisers from 1995 to 1997, awarded the Nobel prize in economics in 2001 and author, with Linda J. Bilmes, of ‘The Three Trillion Dollar War.’
New York Times
November 30, 2008