Obama House Party in Beaver Falls

One of four thousand Obama houseparties across the nation was held at the home of Ms. Dawn Monteiro in Beaver Falls, PA.  Ms. Leanne Spearman, another local Obama organizer, made a brief welcoming speech. She said Senator Obama’s book “Dreams from My Father” and his famous speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention helped her decide to become part of the solution to our nation’s problems. She described Obama’s campaign as one that has empowered people by inspiring hope for a better future. Quoting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s famous admonition she closed saying “I am a volunteer because of the ‘urgency of now.'”

The house party welcomed three Obama campaign staff workers who have moved to Beaver County. There was a lively discussion of the economic problems facing the working people of the district many of whom are “a paycheck away from poverty.” Many retirees find it difficult to make ends meet. All participants shared experiences talking to voters who are confused about their choice in November due to their feelings about race. The group made plans for voter registration at festivals, fairs, and other events through the summer.


One thought on “Obama House Party in Beaver Falls”

  1. I grew up in Beaver Falls, but moved to Washington, DC in 1972 after graduating from BFHS. I have just returned from volunteering at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, where I had the privilege of being at Invesco Field when Senator Obama accept the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party. It was truly one of the most amazingly beautiful nights of my life! Now that I’ve returned to my current home state, Maryland, I am more inspired than ever to help Senator Obama win the presidency. Because I feel sure that the vast majority of Marylanders will support Obama, I’d like to put my efforts where I feel they’re most needed: Western Pennsylvania. While my ability to travel to the area is limited, I am, for example, willing to make long-distance calls to Pennsylvanians at my own expense. Please let me know how I can help!

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