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One Minute of Wisdom: Kucinich on Dealing with The Crisis by Putting the Fed Under Treasury

Posted by carldavidson on March 9, 2009

Rep. Dennis Kucinich
States His Intention
To Put The Federal Reserve
Under Government Control

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Kucinich’s 16 Points to a Progressive Way Out

Posted by carldavidson on October 2, 2008

Dennis Kucinich’s
Main Street
Recovery Plan

1. Health Care for All: Insurance companies make money not providing health care. As the co-author of HR 676 , a universal, single-payer, not-for-profit health care system, Medicare for All, I understand millions of Americans want health care that is accessible and affordable.
Medicare for All will help businesses large and small, create jobs as well as save the jobs of thousands of people including those of doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers who are currently leaving medicine because it is run by the insurance companies. $1 in every 3 dollars of the $2.4 trillion spent annually in America for health care goes to the insurance companies. If we take that money ($800 billion in unproductive wasteful spending) and put it directly into care, we will have enough money to cover everyone. We are already paying for Medicare for all, but not receiving it. HR 676 changes that!
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