ITUC: “There are no jobs on a dead planet.”

There are no jobs on a dead planet

Climate action = Jobs growth

WE know the science is unequivocal.

The world’s temperature is rising, current trends will lead us to a 4°C average increase or more in this century and without urgent, ambitious action we will face irreversible changes in our climate.

WE have policy

The ITUC wants the world’s governments to agree on climate action and give us a fighting chance to limit the temperature rise to 2 degrees or less.

WE are out of time

Climate-related catastrophes such as cyclones, floods, drought, fires, melting glaciers, season changes and more are increasing and hurting working people now. Their impacts will only become stronger within 15 years – this will destroy more communities and jobs.

WE demand industrial transformation

Science tells us we need to urgently stabilise carbon emissions at 44 GigaTonnes.Business as usual gets us to 59 GigaTonnes by 2020. It doesn’t add up. All our economic sectors must change. We demand to be part of the industrial transformation with universal access to breakthrough technologies that will make our industries and our jobs sustainable for workers everywhere.

WE demand a just transition

We have played our role in UN negotiations and fought and won commitments to ‘Just Transition’. Now we want to see the transition happen on the ground, including through investment in new green jobs, skills, income protection and other necessary measures implemented everywhere, with funding for the poorest and most vulnerable of nations.

WE need your voice

Climate change is a trade union issue – it threatens everything the labour movement stands for: fairness, social justice and decent work.

We need a global agreement and national actions to transform our industries, create jobs  and support our people.

From the UN Climate Change talks in Lima 2014 – to Paris in 2015 we are building the movement for an ambitious global agreement.