Nurses Union Condemns Budget Deal

Federal Budget Deal is an Endorsement of Austerity at the Expense of All of Us

December 11, 2013

National Nurses United, the nation’s largest organization of registered nurses, today expressed dismay and alarm over the federal budget deal announced yesterday, saying it will perpetuate the harmful effects of austerity, especially with so many in Main Street communities continuing to feel the painful effects of the Great Recession caused by Wall Street speculation.

“There is no reason to cheer an agreement that requires unwarranted pension cuts for federal workers, including VA nurses who earned that pension, underfunds nutrition programs and fails to extend assistance for the long-term unemployed,“ said NNU co-president Jean Ross, RN.

“Austerity budgeting, reflected in this latest deal, continues the disturbing focus by politicians in both parties in Washington, who should be fighting for jobs at living wages, restoration of the disgraceful cuts in food stamps, healthcare for all, housing assistance, and other human needs, not simply how to please Wall Street and the banks,” said Ross.

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Live Discussion of Budget Agreement by Congressional Progressives


Keith Ellison

Big news on budget agreement between Sen. Patti Murray and Rep. Paul Ryan, respective leaders of Senate and House budget committees. Agreement cuts pensions, unemployment compensation, and Medicare reimbursements, and raises airfares. Restores across the board cuts to military and domestic programs. No tax hikes on the billionaires and corporations, and no cuts in subsidies to oil, coal, and gas industry.

Hear Progressive Caucus leaders Rep. Keith Ellison, Rep. Barbara Lee, and Rep. Jim McGovern discuss these developments live at the Progressive Democrats of America Roundtable discussion tomorrow at 1pm.