Methodist Church: Oppose US Military Action in Syria

General Board of Church & Society


Peace with Justice
Oppose U.S. military action against Syria
Urge Congress to support vigorous peace negotiations
We believe war is incompatible with the teachings and example of Christ.
We therefore reject war as an instrument of national foreign policy. — 
United Methodist Social Principle on War & Peace

The U.S. Congress is expected to vote early next week on authorization of military force against Syria, whose use of chemical weapons against its own citizens is abhorrent. A U.S. military strike on Syria, however, is a false choice between bombing and impunity. Only a political solution to the conflict in Syria will end the suffering of its people.

As Christians we are called to be disciples of peace.

Contact Congress now!
September 4, 2013

Tell your members of Congress you oppose attacking Syria

The U.S. needs to support vigorous peace negotiations

As Christians we are called to be disciples of peace. Contact your Senators and Representative today to oppose U.S. military action against Syria. Tell them to:

  1. Vote against an authorization of military force against Syria. U.S. military action would mean the U.S. government is taking sides in a civil war, would cause further destruction, and would push the Syrian people further into relentless civil war.
  2. Support an alternative response to the conflict through vigorous peace negotiations among the Syrian government, rebel groups and civil society; provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Syria fleeing the conflict; and work through the United Nations and the International Criminal Court to bring those responsible for use of chemical weapons to justice.

Contact your members of Congress now.

On July 13, 2013, Christian leaders sent a letter to President Obama urging him not to pursue military force against Syria. The letter stated:

“Military involvement will only further escalate an already brutal war and will, in fact, undermine the prospect of negotiations to ensure a just and sustainable future for all Syrians. Rather, the U.S. should call for all parties to cease all military activities in Syria and work urgently to de-escalate the crisis, together with other actors in the region and beyond.”

Bishop Mary Ann Swenson, Ecumenical Officer of the United Methodist Council of Bishops, was among 24 Christian faith leaders who signed the letter. Read a copy of the letter.

Please share this action alert with other United Methodists.

If you have any questions, contact Mark Harrison, Director of the Peace with Justice Program at the United Methodist General Board of Church & Society, or (202) 488-5645.

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