3 thoughts on “Progressive Democrats Support Uncommitted Delegates in Iowa Primary”

  1. Even though I don’t agree with about 25% of what he says (the EPA and unions), I am currently supporting Ron Paul. I feel that we will have a balance of power plus a wake-up call to President Obama and the GOP that we can’t be bought, As for the primaries, if Paul drops out, I’m voting uncommitted.

    This fall, I am either voting uncommitted or for a 3rd party candidate. I will never vote for President Obama again. After the MF Global fiasco, I am really re-thinking my Democrat party affiliation.

  2. When I see the length the Repubs are going to with their legislation to prevent voting, it makes me realize that they intend much worse for us than Obama. And it makes me realize that they view Obama/Dem candidates as a serious problem to their agenda. First things first. We must defeat the blatantly racist GOP.

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