Solidarity Rally Thursday, Noon, Feb 24, in Pittsburgh! More to Follow…

Show Pennsylvania’s

Support for the Fightback!

From Steffi Domike, USW

Dear Pennsylvania USW Friends and Associates:

The billionaire backed Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, has declared all-out war on workers’ freedoms. He’s slashing taxes for the richest residents of his state, and wants to eliminate the rights of workers to organize a union, bargain for fair wages or advocate for decent pay and benefits.

In response, more than 25,000 protesters have converged on the state house in Madison to stage a sit-in that blocks the halls, bars the doors of the Senate and fills the state house lawn with tens of thousand of workers.  They’re fighting for their livelihoods and they’re fighting for ours as well because if workers lose in Wisconsin, the wave to take away our job rights and wages will spread across the country.

Pennsylvania is joining the Fight Back!

PLEASE JOIN US as we rally in support of American working families and the American Dream.

Today, Wednesday, 2/23, Pennsylvanians will be standing up in solidarity with Wisconsin workers in SCRANTON

WHAT:         Solidarity Rally for Wisconsin Workers

WHEN:         12:00 Noon to 12:30, Today, Wednesday, 2/23

WHERE:      Labor Leader John Mitchell Statue, Lackawanna Courthouse (Adams Avenue Side) Scranton, PA

On Thursday, 2/24, working Pennsylvanians will be rallying in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

WHAT:         Solidarity Rally for the Wisconsin Workers

WHEN:         11:30am, Thursday, 2/24

WHERE:      Municipal Services Bldg PlazaAcross from City Hall PHILADELPHIA

WHAT:         Solidarity Rally for the Wisconsin Workers (Lunch will be provided)

WHEN:         12:00 pm Noon, Thursday, 2/24

WHERE:      United Steelworkers Headquarters, 5 Gateway Center, 60 Blvd of the Allies PITTSBURGH

On Saturday, 2/26, working Pennsylvanians will be rallying to save the American Dream in Harrisburg.


WHAT:         Rally to Save the American Dream

WHEN:         Saturday, 2/26 at NOON

WHERE:      Capitol Steps, Harrisburg

Please do you best to attend these rallies and please spread the word about them.


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