2 thoughts on “Warning: GOP, Tea Party and Blue Dog ‘Solutions’”

  1. Life is about struggle. It will only give you what you are willing to fight for.When things start getting easy, then you are probably going downhill.When we see things going wrong in our society, it isn’t just our right , it’s our duty as Americans to correct the injustice as directed in the constitution. It is the glue that binds us as a people.So think about how to make life better and join up with the Progressive Democrats 4th Cong. Dist.

  2. The Government should tax extra money the financial institutions have acquired that they holding back from investing — for reasons like those enumerated in the cartoon. The government could plow them back into investments including stimulus projects to restore decayed infrastructure. It could also invest in unemployed people (extend unemployment and COBRA) and the retired who likely will spend the money (basic necessities that they might have skipped including medicare.) This would further accelerate the now stalling economy.

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