Joe Hoeffel: Public Money for Public Schools – no private school vouchers

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Dear Progressive Democrat,

There are just 7 days to go until the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary.

With a third of primary voters undecided, we can still achieve an upset victory. But I need your help to get my progressive message out in the closing days.

Unlike my opponents, I have offered bold, detailed, plans to meet Pennsylvania’s challenges:

  • a moratorium on new drilling permits in the Marcellus shale until we know our drinking water is safe;

  • a graduated income tax so we can fund our schools based on ability to pay, rather than the regressive property tax;

  • protection of a woman’s right to choose;

  • support for strong public schools, and a commitment that public dollars be used for public schools and not private school vouchers.

Democratic primary voters will support my candidacy for governor if they are reminded of the differences between my opponents and me.

I ask that you make a final contribution of $100, $50, $35 or another amount to my campaign so I can get this critical information to undecided voters before next Tuesday.

Voters have a real choice in this election. You have the power to give them the information to make their decision. With your continued support, we will be successful on May 18th and go on to victory in November.

Thank you,

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P.S. If you have not already seen my TV Ad, you can view it at

If you prefer to donate by check, please send to:
     Joe Hoeffel 2010
     1420 Walnut Street
     Suite 1300
     Philadelphia, PA 19102

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