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Shale Gas Drilling is Major Threat to Water Supply for Millions

Posted by randyshannon on February 24, 2010

Congress to Investigate Safety of Natural Gas Drilling Practice Known as Hydraulic Fracturing


The top Democrats on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce have asked eight oil-field companies to disclose the chemicals they’ve used and the wells they’ve drilled in over the past four years. Last week, Waxman also revealed two of the largest gas drilling companies have pumped hundreds of thousands of gallons of diesel-based fluids into the ground in violation of a voluntary agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency.

View video of Democracy NOW program on developments in shale gas drilling here:


One Response to “Shale Gas Drilling is Major Threat to Water Supply for Millions”

  1. Peter Deutsch said

    Least the Democrats are willing to have hearings. That’s an important step whether or not future future actions by Democrats are devoid of hypocrisy. I wonder if any of the pre 2006 congresses with Republican majorities — say the 107th, 108th, or 109th congresses– would have held such hearings?

    Even if the chemicals are disclosed however they are likely not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Much work remains

    Peter Deutsch

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