Oct 17: Beaver Rally for Medicare for All – End the Wars

Healthcare NOT Warfare!




Saturday Oct. 17th 1:00 pm

Beaver County Courthouse



Guest Speaker: Tim Carpenter, National Director of Progressive Democrats of America


Bob Schmetzer, President of Council South Heights Borough

Ed Grystar, Co-chair W.PA Coalition for Single Payer Healthcare

Tina Shannon, 4th CD Chapter Progressive Democrats of America

Marcia Lehman, Beaver County Peace Links



Aliquippa Hospital and other community hospitals are forced to close as patients are unable to pay for healthcare services. Inadequate Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates threaten the safety of seniors in nursing homes. The unemployed and homeless lack primary care physicians and must seek care in expensive hospital emergency rooms. Our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan come home to inadequate healthcare coverage for their families.

As insurance companies jack their premiums higher every year employers find they can no longer afford to provide their employees with healthcare coverage. Employees and retirees without employer paid healthcare find it difficult to pay for COBRA coverage or to purchase individual health insurance policies. County, municipal, and school authorities struggle to maintain adequate healthcare coverage for their employees.

Blue Dog Democrat Cong. Jason Altmire (724-378-0928) voted to spend $billions for the Afghanistan war and bank bailouts but refuses to support Medicare for All – HR 676. Let him know that your #1 priority is meaningful healthcare reform.

Join us to call for passage of HR 676, the Expanded Medicare for All Act

Join us to demand an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan


Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees – SOAR Chapter 2020 ●Beaver County Peace Links ● Lawrence County Progressive Democrats ●W.PA Coalition for Single Payer Healthcare ● NALC Branch 84 ●PA 4th CD Chapter Progressive Democrats of America

724-843-0545 www.beavercountyblue.org

One thought on “Oct 17: Beaver Rally for Medicare for All – End the Wars”

  1. Thank you for carrying the standard for REAL health care! Why can’t people see what the insurance companies are doing to us in the name of obscene profits?! We must eliminate this greedy Middle Man and understand that health care–like public education, fire and police protection and good roads–are for everybody! When did Americans stop caring about each other?

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